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Oy Vey! Good food on campus?

By chloe lung
Arizona Daily Wildcat
March 4, 1999
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Leigh-Anne Brown
Arizona Daily Wildcat

Oy Vey Cafe chef Asher Amar prepares the special of the day in his kitchen located in the Hillel Building.

A banner hanging outside the Oy Vey Cafe reads, "The best food on campus." This boast caused me to avoid the restaurant for a few months out of suspicion. First of all, I am always wary of superlative self-promotion. Secondly, the best food on campus? That's not really saying much, is it? Now that I have given the Oy Vey Cafe a shot, I can say that it's not only better than most of what passes for food on campus, it's a rather good restaurant regardless of any comparisons.

Located in the Hillel Center, Oy Vey is not only on campus, but conveniently close to several major buildings, including the Student Union. Prices are reasonable; all salads, sandwiches and entrees are $4.50, and often include substantial side dishes. Individual sides and beverages vary. The kitchen is kosher, and the menu is vegetarian. Some dishes have dairy products in them, but there are vegan options as well.

If you go to the Oy Vey Cafe for lunch, expect a line spreading into the lobby area. Many of the people in line will be having the Moroccan spinach pie, a cheesy dish that resembles crustless quiche. For the less adventurous there is also the more familiar spanakopita, or Greek spinach pie.

Of the three or so pasta dishes on the menu, I highly recommend the pasta with pesto. Some pestos can be heavy and way too parmesany, but this one is light and fresh over fusili, the twisty pasta. With lemonade ($1.00), it's a perfect springtime lunch.

For small appetites, the side of humus with pita ($2.50) is one of several great sides. The pita is good, not too chewy. The portion is large enough to be a decent lunch, but not so big that you'll have to take some of it home with you.

Don't succumb to the urge to moan, "There's no good food on campus." At the Oy Vey Cafe, lunch is nothing to kvetch about.

- chlo‘ lung