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Shootings hit close to home

By Matthew Petersen
Arizona Daily Wildcat
April 22, 1999
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To the editor,

As a native of Colorado, today I understand what natives of Arkansas and Oregon have felt within the past year. As frightening as the shootings in Jonesboro and Springfield were to me, it could not compare to the emotion of learning of the shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado.

I always thought of Columbine as a school eerily similar to the one from which I graduated just a year ago. Today, I realize with horrible clarity that this sort of tragedy can happen anywhere, to anyone, at anytime.

Although no one feels that these shootings, other kinds of murder, or even rape and other violence is acceptable, no one truly cares until it hits close to home.

If every single member of society would quit saying that crimes such as murder and rape are unacceptable and actually do something to help the problem, our nation might see the change we all want.

Tomorrow you could be the rape victim, or your best friend from high school could be the one shot down in cold blood. Act now and don't look back at the past in regret.

Matthew Petersen
Creative writing freshman