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Reporter transfers, cites lack of writing time

By Jensen Karp
Arizona Daily Wildcat
May 4, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Jensen Karp

The decision is now final.

I have decided to make an inter-Pacific 10 Conference transfer from the University of Arizona to the University of Southern California.

It was an extremely tough decision to change newspaper programs, one that I believe I have put an enormous amount of thought into.

I planned on having a large press conference detailing my letter of intent to join the USC family last week, but I really thought that it would upstage Elway's retirement, and he deserved his time in the spotlight.

Now I don't want both of my fans to question my intentions too harshly. The main point is that I am just not getting enough column time or word totals here at the Wildcat.

I have discussed this dilemma with my editor/head coach, Chris Jackson, and we believe my future as a Wildcat reporter was destined for a lot of Jensen-less papers due to a constrained salary cap.

You see, the Wildcat has signed a number of highly recruited incoming freshmen that have all #1) written for their high school newspapers and #2) won spelling bees at a very young age.

One New York recruit was even "Mr. Sports Page East Coast." Add this the already talented line-up to the sports desk and I'm about as forgotten as Gerardo.

I spoke with many Wildcat officials regarding the idea of redshirting my junior year, and just watching and mentoring many of the writers as I polish my own skills, but we could not find a reasonable compromise.

It is impossible for me to get into any sort of groove at the Wildcat when I write in such inconsistent spurts. Recently, when I've been attempting to create random sports references, I find myself reaching like a midget at a urinal.

The Wildcat is just doing what it's gotta do to remain a successful college chronicle.

Don't cry for me, please. Just look at this place. The weather, the lavish computers available for reporters, the women, the Lemonade guy and Eugene, what can be wrong? I am going to be a sad little boy when I hang up that pen and notepad.

I hope to take a few months off of column creating, maybe travel on a mission I have been planning or possibly become a teaching assistant. I may even forego my last two years of publishing eligibility and try to enter the draft. I just know that I can no longer sit on the bench here at the Daily Wildcat.

I will never forget my fellow reporters and their undying support. When I needed an assist on that certain word I was searching for, they were always willing to make the pass.

I also find it hard to work with the incoming coach, Dan Rosen. We just don't see eye to eye on many of the AP format techniques and I predict our playbooks would become entangled.

Well, that's really all I can say as a tear trickles down my cheek. Watch for my presence at next year's UA/USC football game. I'll be the guy with the "Stop the Sweatshop Oppression, Bring Jensen Back" sign.

Don't stop cheering for those writing warriors at the Wildcat, but when you're in the heat of the moment and about to reach your rooting climax, never forget your Trojan.

So, I quit.

Until then, take care of yourself... and each other.

Jensen Karp is a sophomore majoring in media arts and really will be returning for the USC-Arizona football game, though he has yet to say who he'll be cheering for. He can be reached at, one last time.