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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Dan Rosen

By Dan Rosen
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 23, 2000
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Can you feel it coming?

Can you hear it? Can you see it?

Do you know what lurks around the corner?

Spring training, Conference Championship Week, March Madness, Hockey Fever, NBA crunchtime, NFL free agency and.....SPRING BREAK!

The great month of March.

Oh baby, if you are a sports fan, drop your significant other for the month because it is time to feel the buzz.

It started last week when pitchers and catchers reported to camp, and tomorrow marks the NBA trading deadline.

On March 2, the first pitch will be thrown in the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues and two weeks later, the different conferences will be supplying those who make-up the NCAA Tournament brackets with automatic bids.

No. 1 Stanford comes to town on March 9, and March 12 is Selection Sunday.

The tournament begins on March 16, and the Madness doesn't end until April 3.

During the week leading up to the Final Four, sports fans will be treated to an ethnic variety of baseball when the New York Mets and Chicago Cubs square off in Japan on March 29 and 30th, marking the opening of baseball season.

If the NBA is your ticket to entertainment, don't worry because it is just heating up.

With the trading deadline tomorrow, nobody knows what will happen. Will Glen Rice still be a Laker on Friday? How about Patrick Ewing - are his days as a Knickerbocker numbered? Rod Strickland, John Starks, Ike Austin, Tracy McGrady, Dikembe Mutombo and Shawn Kemp are also unsure of the state they will paying taxes in on Friday.

So, don't worry, the NBA is just getting interesting.

Eh, if hockey is your thing, their will be fire on ice during March.

Can the Devils hold on? Who will take the west by storm - the Red Wings, Stars or the boy's from up I-10, the Coyotes?

Will heated rivalries between the Stars and Coyotes, Red Wings and Avalanche, Devils and Penguins, and Canadians and Maple Leafs intensify to even greater heights?

NFL free agency has also been going on, and it won't stop during March.

Will Steve Young don the ugly Bronco uniform and put his life in even more danger? Will Jeff George be throwing bullets in Minnesota, or will it be Randall Cunningham? Perhaps they think that Daunte Culpepper is ready.

Who knows, but during the month of March, sports fans will find out.

Pull up your chairs, grab a beer, heat up the nachos and don't leave the living room for the entire month. It's time for the Madness to begin.

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