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Differences societal, not natural

By Jordan Shoor
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 25, 2000
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To the editor,

Here is an idea, instead of focusing all of our energy into how we need to make it more fair for minorities to get into college cause they just don't/can't do as well before college to get into college without help of their race, we, as a society, need to throw this mentality out the window.

What needs to be done is start with next years kindergarten class. Make it so there is no differences between the kids because of their race. Have their entire education not based on race and then there will not be differences because one kid is black, and one white. Each kid, regardless of who their parents are, and where they come from, would be treated equally from the get go and not enforce differences. Then no kid will be at a disadvantage to the next based on something they can not control. I know you must now be thinking that teachers try to do this, but it is the parents who teach the kids the differences, and the kind of home you come from is a major influence in developmental skills, and attitudes towards studies/education. But if the society starts to set good examples for thoughts ignorant families, hopefully by the time my children are my age, they will not have to read in their school paper on whether minorities should be admitted to college based on their race, but instead that there will be no articles about the differences of races and how that impacts our educational settings.

Jordan Shoor

Elementary education sophomore

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