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Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 8, 1999


Here's a familiar scene: You've just gotten out of school, and it's 123 degrees outside. All you desire is a tall glass of lemonade and a good game of Pokemon on your Game Boy. Unfortunately, this Norman Rockwell moment can be ruined by that lame pseudo-music that chirps out of the said Game Boy.

Well Poke fans, your after-school Pokemon fun has been saved with the release of the new Pokemon soundtrack, titled 2.B.A Master. (Keep in mind that elementary-school kids listen to this and we need to encourage their reading skills.) So turn that video game down, pump up this CD, and bask in all its Pikachu glory.

Die hard devotees of gansta rap will enjoy the classic "Poke'Rap" in its complete form, instead of the mere soundbytes one hears at the end of the cartoon program. It also includes an extended version of the Pokemon theme song, which is not only a great toe-tapper, but is an inspirational theme for today's youth. The "Pokemon" (Dance Mix) will make you want to grab your glow sticks and get down with your Poke self. The soundtrack also includes the new single, "My Best Friends," seen as a music video on the WB network recently. Hopefully, MTV will jump on the Poke bandwagon, and air some Poke videos themselves.

Despite the soundtrack's impressive line-up of songs, this album should have a warning sticker on the front that reads, "If you've never heard of Pokemon, you probably have a life, and this album is not for you."

This album has one very important thing in common with many other recent multimedia experiments - it's really not that good. The song "Viridian City" sounds less like C & C Music Factory and more like a cheesy early '90's hip-hop cover band. The lyrics are almost laughable, such as the infantile line from "2.B.A Master." "I got my badges and my PokeBall. Got my buddy Pikachu to help me try to catch them all."

Though the album may be on top of wish lists for all those ex-pog collectors, educated university types like ourselves, have better uses for our money, like food and beer.

So unless you're a total Pokemon addict with an extra twenty bucks and the "gotta catch 'em all" fever that is Pokemon, this really isn't a good buy. One would be better off relinquishing their CD to Team Rocket.

-Mike Joyner

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