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Students, staff react to semester of bulldozers

By Georgia Fildes
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 24, 2000
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After dealing with a semester of extensive construction, UA students and staff said although they have encountered some problems, they are excited to see the end result.

"I have to completely alter how I get onto campus and it's going to be that way for two years," said University of Arizona library specialist Kerrie Stramler.

This sentiment was shared by Corabelle Guevara, a political science sophomore.

"I have to leave my house earlier to give myself more time to get to class," she said.

Students and staff have been dealing with time management problems because of construction.

"Many students are getting there late because of the lack of time management," said Guadalupe Cruikshank, assistant language director in the Spanish department.

The construction can make things difficult for those who were not warned about it, Guevara said.

"It makes everything confusing," she added. "I didn't even know they were doing it until I came back to school."

Another student also felt that he was not adequately warned.

"It just sprung up," said computer engineering freshman Vivek Farias. "I wasn't aware it would be of this magnitude."

The library staff was well-warned because the library and the Integrated Learning Center will be connected through an underground tunnel once construction is complete.

"They've kept us, as staff members, very informed." Stramler said. "I haven't seen anything unexpected."

There have been few complaints made to the staff of the library even though construction is just outside the door.

The major complaint heard by staff is that the bike racks have moved to in between the library and Bear Down Gym, Stramler said.

"It can be a huge inconvenience for students," she said.

She added that there were complaints about parking and handicap access, but the library staff has that under control.

Cruikshank felt that the construction has affected teachers.

"There is a lack of rooms because of the construction," said Cruikshank, who also teaches Spanish. "Having classrooms in buildings far away from us has affected us a lot."

Students and staff are looking forward to the end result.

"It's going to be excited when it is complete," Stramler said.

Cruikshank said the construction is an improvement, but doing everything at once can be negative.

"We'll have to be patient with one another, the construction people with us and us with the construction people," she said. "It's fun to watch and we will have a first hand experience dealing with construction."

Students had some warnings for the incoming freshman class next year.

"Leave early for class if you have class in (the) Psychology (building)," Farias said.

Guevara said they should give themselves a lot of time especially if they do not know the campus.

Farias said the UA has made the right choice by making the changes and administrators and construction officials are doing the best they can.

"I think that they are putting money into the right things," he said. "The ILC will help, especially the freshmen."

There is some opposition about whether progress has been made.

Cruikshank said that she has seen a lot of progress made with the construction of the ILC. They have done a lot especially in front of the library, she said.

Guevara said that it did not look any different to her, but it might once it is complete.

Georgia Fildes can be reached at city@wildcat.arizona.edu.

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