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Raiding Texas


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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Francisco Merced

By Francisco Merced
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 9, 2000
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inally, Arizona has discovered Texas.

During the past few months, members of the Arizona football program went to the Lone Star State and signed five prestigious high school players to play at UA.

Four hail from my hometown, Houston, and all I have to say is, it's about time.

Comparing Texas high school football to the likes of Arizona, California or Ohio would be comparing pies to three bean salad.

The state boasts 10,000 fans showing up every week for a high school game and 25,000 for the state championship on each level of play from 5A to the crazy Six-Man game.

Of the 362 high school football players from Texas that are going to play at college level next year, approximately 299 of those will be playing Division I-A ball, the most from any state. Texas has held this honor for many years now and should continue to dominate in the years to come.

Also, USA Today's national champion this past year was Midland Lee High School, a Texas school. Their coach was also named Coach of the Year by the newspaper.

These selections weren't accidental.

Another factor that makes Texas football superior is the fact that it's a recognized religion in the state. This is easily understandable when one comprehends the foundations of religion - it must have a Body, Mind and Spirit.

Body - the layout would be high school districts and the bond between teams and their fans.

Mind - this is the dogma behind the game. It's what coaches teach and assistants preach and the players each must be able to reach their playing peak every week.

Spirit - merely the pure love for the game. The daily prayers thanking God, the singing of hymns and the half-time homily.

A clear example of why Arizona should continue to stress its recruiting efforts in Texas is the job head coach Mack Brown has done at University of Texas.

Brown, who came to Texas from his position as head coach at North Carolina, inherited a UT team going nowhere fast.

He did the smartest thing possible - recruit instate. Now, UT has a top-five team and may contend for the national championship next year.

Texas is high school football.

With the UA finally mining this valuable resource, Tomey and his staff should continue this trend so that in a year's time they will be able to pick from the upper echelon in the Holy Land.

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