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Friday March 30, 2001

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Admin VP run-off election date set

By Maya Schechter

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Associated Students, UAB to host Dead Day concert

ASUA candidates Tricia Williams and Brandon D'Angelo will have less than one week to campaign again for the second election of the administrative vice president.

The special run-off election will begin Thursday at 8 a.m. and end the following night at 8. All voting will be done online, through the Associated Students' Web site.

Joe Rogers, ASUA elections commissioner, said he spoke with both candidates before setting the new date and that D'Angelo promised he would participate in the election.

"I understand why we had to hurry the election, but next week is jam-packed with campus activities - such as the basketball game and the beginning of Spring Fling - so people will be focused on other things," Williams said.

She said she still hoped people will take the time to vote.

The run-off election was ordered by the ASUA Supreme Court after D'Angelo's disqualification was reversed Friday. Rogers removed D'Angelo from the election after he violated several elections codes during the general elections.

The announcement will be made outside the new UofA Bookstore one hour after polls close.

After promising the student body a spring concert, ASUA and UAB will bring a well-known band to perform at Centennial Hall the night before Dead Day.

Although the name of the band will not be announced until after the band contract has been signed next week, Associated Students President Ben Graff said it will be an "amazing success."

The Senate approved a $25,000 budget to contract the band at its weekly meeting Wednesday night, and Graff said the Universities Activities Board will equally sponsor the concert.

Several senators spoke of their concern about spending such a large amount of money with little notice of the concert, and Sen. Matt Bailey said he didn't think many students would attend the concert because they would be studying for finals.

Graff told the Senate ASUA still had a $49,000 budget left and that if the Senate did not approve the $25,000 for the contract, they would probably not be able to get the band to come to the UA.

ASUA had originally hoped to sponsor a spring concert, "UARocks," but found out that an outside organization was planning a similar event at the same time, said Jenny Rimsza, ASUA special events director.

She said ASUA still wanted to have a concert they had promised the student body and therefore would host the Dead Day concert.

The Senate approved eight changes in the constitution bylaws made by President-elect Ray Quintero.

Quintero added one more academic affairs director to the president's cabinet and created two new positions - an ASUA outreach director and an ASUA development director.

He also changed the name of the ASUA University Oversight Committee Director to the ASUA University Relations Committee Director, to make the position a "vehicle to affect change on matters relating to specific areas of campus life, departments of the university."

These changes will go into effect May 1, ASUA's inauguration day.