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Section Header
Police Beat

By Arek Sarkissian II
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday April 22, 2003

A Tucson man that looked to be staking out the Music Building early Friday morning was told to not come back to campus unless he had a legitimate reason, reports stated.

Officers were called to the Music building just after midnight after a custodian saw the man lurking around the building, reports stated.

As they questioned the man, officers repeatedly told him to not put his hands in his pockets. When he did not heed their commands, they handcuffed him, reports stated.

In the man's pockets police found a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and a wallet. He remained in handcuffs until the interview was completed, reports stated.

Police released the man at the scene.

A Tucson man who ran a red light Friday night was also cited for having a pipe believed to be used to smoke marijuana, reports stated.

Officers were driving east on East Sixth Street when they saw a green 1995 Honda Civic Coupe traveling in the opposite direction run a red light at North Highland Avenue and speed up to about 40 mph. The speed limit in the area was 30 mph, reports stated.

Officers made a U-turn and pulled the Civic over at North Tyndall Avenue. The driver said he had his license but couldn't find his registration or insurance, reports stated.

One of the officers noticed a multi-colored ceramic pipe inside the car. He alerted the other officer to have all three occupants exit. The pipe had the smell of burnt marijuana, reports stated.

Police performed records checks on all three occupants in the car. One of them had a warrant out of Tucson Police Department for a case involving driving under the influence. He was advised but not arrested, reports stated.

The driver was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia and failing to stop at a red light. He was cited and released.

Police were called to a campus building last week after someone wrote "94 percent of all U of A women should be raped" on a bathroom wall, reports stated.

Police responded to the Campus Health Center, 1541 E. University Blvd., after the building monitor reported the graffiti. He told police that between 8 a.m. and 12:45 p.m. someone went into the unisex bathroom and scrawled the statement with a blue ballpoint pen.

No one saw anyone going in or out of the bathroom, which is open to the public during business hours, reports stated.

The monitor told police he was going to paint directly over the statement. The restroom was closed until the graffiti could be removed, reports stated.

There are no suspects or witnesses.

A Tucson man asked for UAPD's help last week to contact a woman who promised to fix his car after she backed into it, reports stated.

The man told police he pulled over to allow another driver to pass him while he was driving on the first level of the Second Street Garage, 1852 E. Second St., when a woman backing out in an SUV hit him.

The collision scratched the paint on the bumper of the man's two door Plymouth hatchback, dented a quarter panel and damaged a headlight, reports stated.

The woman gave the man a Wells Fargo deposit slip so he could identify her and told him to get some estimates so she could pay for the damage, reports stated.

The man told police he tried to call the woman after he got some estimates, but she did not call back, reports stated.

At the man's request, officers called the woman. They also learned that she filed a police report the night of the incident.

Officers are still investigating the case.

Eight vehicles parked in a campus lot were vandalized Thursday, reports stated.

The owner of one of the vehicles called police after he returned to the lot at 920 E. Fourth St. and found his front right tire had been slashed.

When officers went to the lot, they found seven additional cars with slashed front right tires, reports stated.

Notes were left on the vehicles instructing the other owners to contact police and file reports. Some of the owners called police later, reports stated.

One of the vehicle owners told police his car was parked in the lot for about two days before he found the damage on Thursday, reports stated.

None of the drivers who reported back to police found any other damage to their vehicles, reports stated.

Police have no suspects.

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