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Police Beat

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UA News
Police Beat

By David Halperin
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday October 16, 2002

House red-tagged, minor in consumption of alcohol

Police red-tagged a house and cited a student for being a minor in consumption of alcohol Friday, after the severely intoxicated student told police he had been "underage drinking," reports stated.

Just after midnight, officers went to 1421 E. Mabel St., in response to a report of a loud party.

As police entered the backyard several people began to leave. Police saw a student who had several stains on his pants that appeared to be blood. Police talked to the student and asked him what was on his pants.

The 19 year-old student handed officers a cup he was hiding behind his back that was filled with a red liquid. He told police that he was not going to lie, and that they caught him "underage drinking," reports stated.

Police noticed the student appeared to be severely intoxicated. The student had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath, his face was droopy and his eyes were partially closed, bloodshot, red and watery.

The student was slow to respond to questions and his speech was slurred. Police told the student that his speech was slurred.

"I'm not slur my speeching," the student said. He then told police he had a lisp and that is why it appeared as if his speech was slurred.

Police red-tagged the house and cited the student, reports stated.

Minor in consumption of alcohol

Two minors were cited for being minors in consumption of alcohol Saturday, after one of them poured alcohol out of their car as they were being pulled over by police, reports stated.

At about 3 a.m., police saw a car that had no tail lights, and initiated a traffic stop while traveling east on East Speedway Boulevard. As soon as the officer activated his lights, the passenger put her hand out the window and poured a liquid from a container onto the street. The passenger dumped out more liquid from a second container and the vehicle then stopped at East Speedway Boulevard and North Mountain Avenue.

Police spoke with the 20 year-old driver and smelled a strong odor of intoxicants coming from her breath. Her eyes were watery and bloodshot.

Police asked the driver if she had been drinking and she said, "Earlier in the evening I had a few drinks," reports stated.

Police asked the 19 year-old passenger what she poured out the window and she said it was beer, reports stated.

Police asked her for the emptied cans and she said, "I threw them in the street." Police began to ask for another patrol unit to locate the cans when the passenger heard this and said, "Here, here they are," reports stated.

"It wasn't beer, it was just Jack and Coke," the passenger said.

She handed police two emptied clear plastic cups that had a strong odor of alcohol in them.

The officer walked to the passenger side and noticed a strong odor of intoxicants on her, as well as also having bloodshot and watery eyes.

The officer asked if she had been drinking, and she replied, "Yes, I had some drinks at a party and that's it."

The officer then asked why she emptied the cups into the street.

"I thought it would be smart to get rid of my two drinks because I could not chug them both that quickly," she said, reports stated.

Both minors were cited for being minors in consumption of alcohol, having open containers of alcohol in a motor vehicle and for having no working tail lights.

They were released to a man who came to pick them up, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumˇ can be found at


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