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Two can play improv games

By Jessica Suarez
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday September 3, 2002

Learn to snort milk out of your nose when Comedy Corner UA's, and possibly the nation's, longest-running campus comedy group returns to performing at noon this fall.

The group had to leave their long-term home in the Cellar, a theater in the old student union, when the structure was torn down. Comedy Corner has performed at 10:15 p.m. Wednesdays in the Modern Languages auditorium, Modern Languages building, Room 350, for the semesters since. This semester, the group has decided to return to noon on Fridays in the Modern Languages auditorium.

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UA's oldest campus comedy group, Comedy Corner returns to performing at noon Fridays, hopes to regain large crowds
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It's a move Comedy Corner director and theater arts sophomore Justin Thomas hopes will bring the group larger and newer audiences.

"It wasn't the location so much as the time. It was just ridiculous. It went from sometimes two to three hundred people at lunch, and at 10:15 Wednesdays in Modern Languages we maxed out once at 85. The loss was pretty detrimental. We're in a prime location in Modern Languages 350, so we're expecting big audiences this year at noon on Fridays."

The move from the Cellar to Modern Languages 350 affected the Charles Darwin Experience less than Comedy Corner, something Thomas understands.

"Charles Darwin has a really steady audience who kind of follow them. We're trying to get new audience members. A lot of Darwin's audience was sort of carry-over and we've put in much more effort into getting new audience members," he said.

Despite the similarity of the groups, Thomas says there is no competition for group or audience members.

"We're actually planning on doing a couple of shows with them as benefits. We really like working with them because they have a much different style of improv," he said.

Thomas says Comedy Corner even has something to learn from the younger improv group.

"This year, we're going to try to imitate their style of improv a little. They do more long-form improv, while we mostly do games. We definitely learn a lot from them. They have a different style that's very intriguing," Thomas said.

As a group, Comedy Corner have a reputation for somewhat raunchier humor, something Thomas sees changing a bit this semester.

"We definitely have a reputation for being a little more lewd and a little more liberal," he said.

"We used to throw in the f-word for a laugh. We kind of realized it's a cheap way out. I think we're going to have a very new, fresh audience this year. Hopefully we'll be able to win them over with our charm and good looks instead of just the f-word."

Comedy Corner performs their first show of the semester this Friday at noon.


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