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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday November 27, 2002

Blaming ╬entire nation of Islam' for terrorist actions ╬intolerant'

I have to take issue with Silas Montgomery's Monday letter "Ramadan a ╬veil of religious pietism,' not a time for peace." To blame the entire nation of Islam for the acts of terrorist groups is irresponsible and detrimental to your cause.

I understand that there have been terrorist attacks against Israel, but there have also been violent acts committed against Palestine (On Monday, Israeli troops shot and killed an 8-year-old Palestinian boy for breaking curfew and throwing rocks at


This is the same argument that I read again and again in the Wildcat, and I understand that nothing I say can change someone like Silas' mind. I do believe, however, that such intolerant, un-accepting and ignorant views should be kept to one's self.

Michael Goyette
communications junior

╬Balanced' Mideast coverage shouldn't ╬pump up' extremists

The Wildcat has published quite a few letters from a Mr. Navabi, the latest on Monday, calling for more balanced coverage of the Middle East ("Wildcat's one-sided coverage of Mideast has been ongoing.") I agree that this should happen, but I believe what Mr. Navabi really is calling for is more anti-Israel coverage.

Mr. Navabi likes to use a group called Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel as an example of a moderate group, but many will agree with me when I call this a group with a following but not a mainstream acceptance.

Perhaps this is because of the views of the group that were heard at the forum at the panel event last week are quite extreme in their blame of Israel and portrayal of the violence in the region.

In his latest piece, Mr. Navabi calls an Israeli official a racist because of a statement made by her. The official was the first female prime minister of Israel and a strong supporter of peace, Golda Mayer. This ignorance of the situation and its history has led to Mr. Navabi writing letters that call Hillel and other moderate and diverse organizations extreme while pumping up such out-there groups such as Josh Ruebner's Jews for Peace in Palestine and Israel.

By the way, in his letter, Mr. Navabi incorrectly labeled a speaker as Israeli.

Avi Margolin
political science freshman

Officer Fountain ╬mild-tempered,' ╬moral' member of police force

I had the pleasure of meeting Officer Robb Fountain about a year ago when he was on duty. This was the only time I met him and the purpose was for a ride-along because I was interested in becoming a police officer.

I spent eight hours with Officer Fountain and I was able to observe the type of person he is. I am appalled that he is being investigated for the alleged "rough" treatment of a professor during an arrest.

In my brief encounter with Officer Fountain, I was able to observe a kind, mild-tempered, and exceptionally moral person who performed his job with a great degree of professionalism.

Yes, a personality type can sometimes be deceiving when meeting a person for the first time. However, I know that Officer Fountain is a person of true sincerity and ethic.

This was evident to me and I have no doubt that his colleagues would agree. I have witnessed many professionals in his line of work and I would say that Officer Fountain would be the last person to commit any type of inappropriate conduct, including "rough" treatment.

Indeed, if Officer Fountain did use any type of physical force, it was only in the name of self-defense, because this is the type of person that Officer Fountain is.

Scott Lavit
business management senior

Conservatives fight for rights while liberals still have guns

Conservatives are not trying to take your rights away, Mr. Konty (Tuesday letter "'Unqualified human beings' are unqualified to interpret Bible"). Most conservatives adamantly fight to protect the rights of all Americans. Why don't you go out and survey some of the local Libertarians, Reformists and Indepen-dents? Ask them about the rights of Americans. Do you honestly think that liberals want to conserve your rights?

Since you implied that the leadership of the conservatives is taking your rights away, let us look at what the leadership of the liberals has to say about American rights: "The United States can't be so fixed on our desire to preserve the rights of ordinary Americans Ě " (President William Clinton, March 1, 1993, press conference in Piscataway, N.J., from Boston Globe, March 2, 1993, Page 3) Do you think that liberals do not have guns?

Ask liberal Senators Jeffords and Baldacci if they enjoyed last year's hunting excursion in New England. How about the million or more registered Democrats in northern New England who depend on yearly hunts to feed their families? I have not figured out why they vote Democrat. Maybe it's because it isn't just the conservatives who have the guns; I guess you'll have to fear everybody.

Chris Marcum
sociology junior

╬Non-Western' terrorists need to be reported to campus, too

Whenever anything happens in Israel or the rest of the western world ¸ I'm referring to terrorist actions ¸ the Wildcat has huge articles on it. And I agree that at this time people are very interested in things like that. But why do you ignore it when the same type of terrorists kill people for the same types of reasons in Kashmir and India?

Just this past week, over 50 innocent civilians including women and children died from bombs left by Islamic terrorists. They killed people on a bus, in a holy temple and along the street. It was all over the news on CNN. I'm not criticizing you or anything like that, but don't you think that students and this campus community should be aware that terrorists strike in non-Western/non-European countries as well? Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Raj Chowdhary
industrial engineering junior


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