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Give me some Bangs and some rock n' roll

Photo courtesy of Kill Rock Stars
The Bangs, a "lady"-fronted rock Īn' roll band, will play at Solar Culture, 31 E. Toole Ave., tomorrow night at 9 p.m. The show is $6 and is open to all ages.
By Jessica Suarez
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday January 23, 2003

Let's face it: Bands that rock as hard as The Bangs are usually full of boys. Not just boys, men÷ long-haired men with names like Izzy or Snake. And they're in bands with names like Metal Angel or Blood Wings or · AC/DC. It's really nice to know, then, that the Bangs are a girl-fronted rock 'n' roll band who make you want to dance, even without the lead singer with exposed chest hair.

The Bangs' bassist Maggie Vail is also the publicity person for Kill Rock Stars ö only the third job she's ever held. A modest girl, she never mentions her own band when working publicity for KRS's other bands. Still, Vail can sometimes be convinced to talk about her own band, the Bangs.

Wildcat: Is it hard doing publicity and being in a band? How do you handle things when you have to take off on tour?

Vail: Yeah, it can be. I don't really like doing my own publicity; It feels dumb to have to talk about myself. I love working on other bands' projects. I have my friend Suzanne sub for me when I'm gone, and then I bring my cell phone along to answer any questions that arise.

Wildcat: What do you do when you aren't playing or working publicity?

Mark it

· When: 9 p.m. tomorrow
· Where: Solar Culture, 31 E. Toole Ave.
· Cost: $6
· Contact: 884-0874

Vail: I hang out with my dog a lot, paint pictures of giraffes, swim, read, have dance parties alone at my house ·

Wildcat: What are you listening to while you're on tour?

Vail: Ann-Margaret.

Wildcat: I read something where you all were compared to the Donnas ö I think the reviewer was just trying to say that you were the better, smarter version. What do you think of the Donnas? Do you hate being compared to girl-fronted bands just because you're a girl-fronted band?

Vail: I understand why people compare lady bands, but it is just another example of lazy journalism. I like the Donnas and am super excited that they are on "TRL." Girls and boys out in the middle of nowhere should be exposed to ladies rocking out and they are very talented.

Wildcat: What's your favorite Cheap Trick song?

Vail: That's a hard one. Maybe "I Need Your Love."

Wildcat: What did you think of Tucson last time you were here?

Vail: I lost my mind because it was the fifth consecutive day of 100+ temperatures, and we didn't have any air conditioning. Other than that, I remember the promoter was really great, and the bands we played with were nice. I'm excited to come back.


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