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By Kristopher Califano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday February 11, 2003

Two UA roommates were placed into the diversion program Friday after they admitted to smoking marijuana in their residence hall room, reports stated.

After smelling burnt marijuana through the doorjamb, officers repeatedly knocked on the students' door at the Hopi Lodge residence hall, 1440 E. Fourth St.

A resident assistant used an extra key to let officers into the room when no one answered the door, reports stated.

When police entered the room they saw the 19- and 20-year-old residents inside.

"Because we didn't want to," the 19-year-old said when police asked why neither student answered the door.

Officers smelled marijuana inside the room and asked who had been smoking marijuana.

Both students admitted to smoking marijuana earlier while inside the room and the 20-year-old gave police a pipe and allowed them to search her side of the room, reports stated.

They found two more pipes on her side of the room before asking if there were any more pipes or drugs in the room. She told police about another pipe that belonged to her roommate.

Police cited a UA student Saturday after they believed they saw her urinating in the parking lot of her residence hall, reports stated.

Police were investigating a noise complaint at 4:30 a.m. in the parking lot when they saw the 18-year-old squatting with her skirt pulled up near the Sky View Apartments, 1050 E. Eighth St. Police stopped the student and her friend and spoke with them.

"I've had way too much to drink tonight," the 18-year-old student said. "I'm not 21 so you can give me an MIP."

The student's friend told police that she had also been drinking at a UA date dash, reports stated.

Police cited and released both students on suspicion of being minors in possession of alcohol after verifying that they were under 21, reports stated.

The 18-year-old was warned about urinating in public.

Somebody stole a $400 parking meter last week, reports stated.

A UA Parking and Transportation employee told police that she saw the meter intact Wednesday at 1740 E. Helen St. When she returned the next day the meter was missing, reports stated.

The meter is metal and painted blue. Police believe there was approximately $2 inside the meter when it was stolen.

There are no suspects and no witnesses. The employee has told her supervisor about the missing meter.

A UA employee told police Thursday that the university would be liable for the damage done to his camera after he was involved in a bike accident on campus, reports stated.

He was riding his bicycle near the Old Engineering building, 1127 E. North Campus Dr. when he was hit by another bicyclist. The collision caused the employee to fall off his bike, injuring his leg, reports stated.

"Some student with blonde hair on a red mountain bike ran into me," the employee told police.

The student asked if the man was hurt badly but refused to exchange information with the employee. After the bicyclist determined that the employee was not injured he rode east toward East University Boulevard, reports stated.

The employee told police that he tried to take a picture of the man, but his camera broke during the collision. He said that the camera would not turn on or take pictures.

Police took the camera out of the case, pushed the power button and took a photograph, reports stated.

The employee said that he believes there is a lack of bicycle-traffic rules enforced on the university. He plans on calling the UAPD and making a complaint.

The employee also said that the university would be liable for the damage done to the camera.

Police offered to call the employee an ambulance, but the man said that he would walk to Campus Health. Officers offered to give the man a ride but he again refused and walked his bike away from the scene.

Police do not know the man who left the scene of the accident.

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