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By Devin Simmons
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday February 19, 2003

UA police responded to an anonymous report of a green Honda that was broken into at the Tyndall Garage, 884 E. Fourth Street, Sunday, reports stated.

When the officer arrived on the scene he discovered that the driver side window had been broken and placed under the car. It appeared that someone had tried to force the console open, but the stereo was not taken, reports stated.

The officer contacted the owner after finding a BestBuy receipt that was lying on the floorboard in the back of the car that had the owner's name on it.

The owner had left the car in the garage the previous day. He said that nothing was missing from the car, but that the faceplate for his detachable face stereo was broken, reports stated. As the officer was leaving, the owner approached him and handed him a paperback book that he found in the backseat. The owner said that the book was not his and must have been left by someone else. The name of the book was "Red Planet" by Robert A. Heinlin. Police dusted the book for fingerprints but could find nothing, reports stated.

A UA student's red Lexus was damaged in the visitor center's parking lot, 1600 E. University Blvd., Saturday, reports stated.

The student left her vehicle in the lot and when she returned the driver's side door was smashed in and scratched. The door had bright red paint transfers and the window was also broken, reports stated.

A witness to the accident said that when she pulled into the lot an hour earlier she discovered a bright red, full-size single-cab pickup truck, which was smashed against the Lexus. Both vehicles were unattended, reports stated.

The witness then observed a heavy-set Hispanic male exiting the Meinel Optical Lab get in the truck and drive away.

The officer went to the optical lab to attempt to discover the identity of the man. The student employee working at the front desk said that the building was closed and that the only people who could even get in the doors would be someone with a key, reports stated.

The officer went to an adjacent hallway and discovered a board with pictures and names of employees. He called the witness and asked whether she would be able to identify the man if she saw a picture of him. She said she could, reports stated.

The case is still under investigation.

Two UA police officers and their K9 named Dag were involved in capturing two suspects fleeing Tucson Police early Saturday morning at 1302 E. Hampton St., reports stated.

A UA police unit was informed of the suspects fleeing on foot from a TPD officer who was following them. An aerial unit from TPD instructed the UAPD police cruiser to turn left in an alley running between North Seneca Street and East Hampton Street. When the cruiser turned left the officers discovered the two suspects in the alley, reports stated.

The officers turned on their emergency lights and followed the suspects down the alley until they reached a residence at 1302 E. Hampton St. One of the suspects jumped over a wall and the other one hid behind a large prickly pear cactus, reports stated.

One of the officers ordered the suspect to come out from behind the cactus and get down on the ground at gunpoint. The suspect was handcuffed.

The officers observed the suspect fling unidentified items over the wall. One of the officers climbed the wall and identified the items as a cell phone and $2,020, reports stated.

UA officers turned the suspects over to TPD. The residents at 1302 E. Hampton St. informed police that they wanted to prosecute for trespassing, reports stated.

A UA student employee received a threatening e-mail at 540 N. Vine, Monday, reports stated.

The student told police that she had been involved with a married man in the past few months and, with his permission, had placed pictures of him and his daughter on her Web site, reports stated.

The student told police that the relationship had recently ended and that the wife had been sending e-mails asking her to take the child off her Web site. One e-mail said, "Stop seeing my husband or you will pay." She said that she had also received a number of hang-up calls over the last few days, reports stated. The student had removed the child from her Web site and told UAPD that she wanted them to tell the wife to stop calling and e-mailing her. UAPD contacted the wife and she promised not to do it again, reports stated.

A UA student received a threatening call from someone in Colorado Monday, reports stated.

The call came from someone who is a guest in the student's house. The student suspected the guest of being a drug user and told him he had to leave over the weekend. The guest had taken a trip to Colorado, reports stated.

The student had threatened to take all of the guest's personal property and give it to charity. But the guest called and told him that if he did he would shoot him, reports stated.

The student called police because he knew the guest had a gun and he feared for his safety. UAPD told him to contact them if he was threatened again and to file an order of protection against him, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at

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