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Monday, April 5, 2004

Editor's Note: The Issue of the Week, "A man-only major," published Thursday was an April Fools' Day joke. Some readers got the joke and some didn't. Below is a sampling of their responses.

Ban on female enrollment 'chauvinistic,' detrimental

After reviewing the "Man-only major" Issue of the Week published in Thursday's Wildcat, I am appalled to learn that the student body agrees with the ban on female enrollment in the College of Engineering. The students approve of the basis for exclusion not because of the school's motives, but because of generalized stereotypes. Numerous quotes from the columnists implied that women were incapable of excelling in math and science, and as a result should be prohibited from enrolling in the engineering program. Yes, Barbie did say, "Math is hard," but since when is Barbie the spokeswoman for the modern woman? Denying women educational opportunities will eventually lower women's status as beneficial workers in the economy. Is our society prepared to face the consequences of such disparaging attitudes? [Read article]

photo A Gadfly in Training: A gender mind bender

Though it's a horrible clichˇ, there is some truth in the old adage that the small, brief instances of serendipity are what make life worth living. For some people, the sun setting over the horizon is enough to take their breath away. For others, elation is found in climbing the highest peak in all the land, surveying the land beneath and the air above. While these examples are all well and good, they simply cannot compare to the utter spectacle and thrill of watching a drag queen work it in all her cross-dressing splendor. [Read article]

Connecting the Dots: Students, boycott the activity 'tax' today

Imagine this: John Mayer, one of the hippest, most talented guys in the music industry, right here on the UA campus, singing for thousands of adoring Wildcat fans.

Plus, you don't even need to buy a ticket. A $30 "voluntary" fee has already been added onto your tuition for the year and paid through your bursar's account.

Sounds great, right? Sure it does.

And since it sounds so great, there is no point in arguing against the positive results that a student "activity fee" added to the cost of tuition, which might lure Mayer or Bill Clinton to sing or speak for UA students, could bring to campus. [Read article]

Editorial: Vote no on fee

Too many questions remain on activity fee

Students have an easy decision to make in the 11th-hour election currently underway: No way.

Though it is a tempting thought to not vote at all - in protest of a last-minute election the Associated Students of the University of Arizona senators forced on students - that is not the right course of action to take.

Instead, students need to send a message to those people in ASUA that they won't just rubber stamp a proposal that hasn't been properly researched or thought out. The best way to do that is to vote no on the student fee. [Read article]

On the Edge

The best in last week's editorials from college campuses across the nation

University of Toledo

No matter what happens when Rice goes before the commission, there is one thing we can all take to be an absolute fact: After Rice's testimony, this whole mess regarding the events surrounding the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, will finally be resolved. All sides involved will find a common middle ground and work as one to resolve the conflict, shed light on the mystery and emerge all the better and more prepared for it. Then Bush can get back to business and proceed with a clean presidential race with Kerry, where both men will use honest policies - not muckraking - to seek victory in November. April Fools'. [Read article]

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