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On the Edge

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, April 5, 2004
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The best in last week's editorials from college campuses across the nation

University of Toledo

No matter what happens when Rice goes before the commission, there is one thing we can all take to be an absolute fact: After Rice's testimony, this whole mess regarding the events surrounding the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, will finally be resolved. All sides involved will find a common middle ground and work as one to resolve the conflict, shed light on the mystery and emerge all the better and more prepared for it. Then Bush can get back to business and proceed with a clean presidential race with Kerry, where both men will use honest policies - not muckraking - to seek victory in November. April Fools'.

- "Rice: Threat or help?," from University of Toledo's The Independent Collegian

Syracuse University

Sex education that includes explaining the dangers of sex in terms of sexually transmitted diseases and the risks of pregnancy is far superior to teaching the nation's youth to abstain from sex completely. No one should be taught the perils of intercourse or other sexual behaviors by a size-6 font warning the moment before they open a condom wrapper. A responsible and completely frank sex education needs to be a part of everyone's formative years. Bush's proposed augmentation of condom warnings can't hurt and at least widens the view of sex education by acknowledging condoms. It would be poor logic, however, for anyone to think informed and educated sexual encounters can occur from reading the back of a condom's packaging.

- "FDA condom warning change worthwhile," from Syracuse University's Daily Orange

University of Minnesota

This board - and this country - has a duty to consider the rights of the minority. An overwhelming majority of university students believe in a god of some kind, which makes it all the more important to respect those who do not.

To some, then, the pledge smacks of religious persuasion. The U.S. government has no business in theology, no more than it does in the bedroom or the family.

The original pledge debuted on Columbus Day in 1892, written by socialist editor and clergyman Francis Bellamy. It did not contain the words "under God." Congress added those in 1954. Stripping "under God" from the pledge, then, would not detract from the pledge's original meaning, and that is what this country should do.

- "Remove 'under God' from pledge," from University of Minnesota's Minnesota Daily

Indiana University

Essentially, what file sharers want is a lot of music in an electric format - for free. What the Recording Industry Association of America wants is total compensation for each and every song that hits the ears of music fans. There has to be some middle ground - something like what iPod offers - that gives fans a choice of songs, in the format they want, for a reasonable price. But for now, until the RIAA stops filing lawsuits willy-nilly and serving its customers, file sharers will be downloading with trepidation.

It seems recording artists, record companies and professional organizations like the RIAA ought to realize there is potentially a lot of money to be made by anyone who is willing to offer what music fans want.

But until they get hip, we have to pursue other music options.

- "RIAA lawsuits remind students of legal consequences," from Indiana University's Indiana Daily Student

- Compiled from U-Wire

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