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Friday, April 16, 2004

Wildcat shows need for affirmative action

While I'm sure scores of young bleeding-heart liberals were enduring the heat and fallacies in order to argue with the College Republicans about their anti-affirmative action bake-sale, it was left to the editors of the Daily Wildcat to make the best counter-argument of all: running a story about the bake sale side by side on the front page with a column about gender discrimination on our very own campus ("Tenure at UA harder for women to achieve"). Maybe since the College Republicans were gracious enough to give us all free cookies in the name of perpetuating things like a lack of female professors at our university, we could pay them back by running a book fair on the Mall the next time we see them out there, selling things like the Harvard Graduate School of Education's study (of course, College Republicans, you all will receive a discount!). After everyone sees that front page, it's going to be pretty apparent that the College Republicans could stand to read a little more about inequality and discrimination in our society before they hit their E-Z Bake Ovens to make a political statement. [Read article]

photo Fully In Tact: Union should've settled for 'pretty big'

Last semester, I strove to teach my beloved readers some student union etiquette. Not only did I notice that no one seems to listen to me ever, but I also realized a terrible oversight on my part: I forgot to mention that Rule No. 1 was to actually GO to the student union.

I assumed everyone knew that part. And you know what they say about assuming: It makes an ass of union administration. The union is foundering. [Read article]

Bleed American: Transformation to the Dark Ages

Let me come right out and say it: I don't own a TV. Neither do my roommates.

Even more shocking: If we did have a television, I would probably ignore it. I believe that with the exception of a few shows ("The Simpsons" and Jon Stewart come to mind), most of what passes for "programming" is crap.

Sometimes, when people discover this, they are incredulous. "You mean you really ... don't ... watch ... TV? Well, the other day I read an article that gave me fresh ammunition to use while arguing. [Read article]

Editorial: Bombs away

This week's winners ... and losers

A bomb - Excessive fire alarm outbursts at AZ-So. What's going on over there? A few pranks now and then are only natural, but the innocent residents of Arizona-Sonora hall must be pulling their eyes out by now. Whoever the culprits are - assuming dust isn't always to blame - need to remember they're in college. Alarm-pulling ranks right up there with cow-tipping. [Read article]

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