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Thursday, October 2, 2003
Likins rules out Neuheisel, Price

President Peter Likins has scratched two names off the list of potential replacements for fired head football coach John Mackovic, confirming that both Rick Neuheisel and Mike Price are out of the running for the vacant position.

Likins showed concern yesterday at the idea that Neuheisel the former Washington head coach who was fired after gambling on the NCAA men's basketball tournament, a strict NCAA rules violation was rumored to be a candidate alongside Price. [Read article]

photo UA sees steep rise in bike theft total

Whenever David Giannini locks up his bike, he makes sure to take his seat, his headlight and his pump with him.

He also uses a $50 lock; all of this just to make sure he isn't going to be walking home at the end of his shift.

"What I do is enough for me," Giannini, who works at Domino's in the Student Union Memorial Center, said.

This type of protection has become necessary for students like Giannini as bike thefts have become increasingly common on campus. [Read article]

photo Club calls for peaceful solutions

When former UA student Paul Snodgrass was denied entry into Israel three weeks ago, some said it was due to his ties to what they called a pro-Palestinian organization.

But members of the UA's Alliance for Peace and Justice in the Middle East, the organization to which Snodgrass belonged, say that while they are interested in giving Palestinians a voice, they are not a pro-Palestinian organization. [Read article]

Students,neighbors getting along well

Despite complaints from neighborhood associations about loud students who live off campus, the relationship between students and their neighbors is not as bad as it used to be, President Peter Likins said at the ASUA senate meeting yesterday.

Likins, who, along with Provost George Davis spoke to ASUA senators, said that in past years the relationship in neighborhoods verged on warfare. But this year the community is making a concerted effort to work together. [Read article]

photo 750 students visit major fair

More than 750 students filled the grand ballroom in the Student Union Memorial Center yesterday looking for answers to a major question.

Roughly 80 departments set up tables adorned with vibrant posters and balloons at the Meet Your Major Fair, an event to help students choose their areas of study.

"We are here each year as a department," said James Knight, agricultural education department head. "The fair is a way to get undergrads involved in the smaller departments." [Read article]

UA will help fund Phoenix med campus

UA President Peter Likins, along with ASU President Michael Crow and NAU President John Haeger, are touting a proposal for a campus in downtown Phoenix that would give medical students the opportunity to do research.

Right now UA medical school students are in Phoenix hospitals learning how to treat patients, but they have no research opportunities, Likins said.

As the only medical school in the state of Arizona, the UA plays an important role in Phoenix, sending students to do clinical work there, Likins said. [Read article]

On the spot

From the student union ladies' room, campus custodian reveals that a woman's beauty is only skin deep

Wildcat: Hi. My name is Nathan and you're On the Spot. And we're in the girls' bathroom in the student union. How does that make you feel?

Campuzano: (wiping a sink) Same as if I was in the men's room. I'm cleaning.

Wildcat: And you're doing a good job.

Campuzano: (continues wiping sink) [Read article]

Campus Detective

Question: Why are nearly all UA students and employees receiving e-mails from

Answer: Well, just two days ago, I too woke up to find a UAPD press release sent to me by none other than rtucker.

But who exactly is this person? Campus Detective went in for a closer look and found out surprisingly little about the operator behind the computer screen. [Read article]

photo Fast facts

· Isaac Newton dropped out of school when he was a teenager, at his mother's behest. She hoped he would become a successful farmer.

· Victims of disease, both people and animals, are buried underground, and yet the soil remains fairly free of disease germs. Germs are destroyed by the bacteria and other microscopic organisms living in the soil.

· If he had not married by the age of 30, a Spartan of ancient Greece lost his right to vote and was forbidden to attend events in which nude young men and women made merry. [Read article]

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