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Wednesday, February 4, 2004
photo UA reaction mixed as students see final results

While more than 220,000 Arizona Democrats went to the polls yesterday to vote for presidential candidates, political activity on campus remained low.

Early yesterday morning, a John Edwards for President table was out on the Mall, but once the rain started falling, all signs of a presidential primary election disappeared.

"I didn't even know today was election day," said Jeff Riggs, a philosophy sophomore. [Read article]

photo Students discuss police raids at forum, not neighbor relations

Although students got complaints off their chests at a community relations forum last night, few believed anything would change.

The forum, sponsored by ASUA, gave students a chance to ask police and campus officials questions.

A panel of three police officers and campus officials, including Melissa Vito, the dean of students, hoped the forum would be the first step to opening dialogue between themselves and the students, something rarely done in the past. [Read article]

photo Male student almost killed in 'random' attack near campus

A UA student was nearly killed last week after three men assaulted him near campus, fracturing his skull.

Jake Watts, a geography junior, was attacked by three men at North Euclid Avenue and East Linden Street after he left his friend's house on Jan. 25 around 1 a.m. to walk to his truck a block away. Watts said he had been in that neighborhood several times since coming to the UA his freshman year. [Read article]

Creative e-mail addresses shine with personality

Students given freedom to choose own UA NetIDs

Poochd0g. Anz4god. Bigmac13. Mohawk22. Banannia. Spoongod.

No, they're not AOL screen names; they're UA e-mail addresses.

Since January 2002, students have had more liberty to choose their own e-mail addresses, instead of the university giving them composites of their first and last names.

Officials at the Center for Computing and Information Technology said prior to 2002, they had received many requests from students who wanted the freedom to choose their own e-mail addresses. [Read article]

Forum on tuition increase met with low student turnout

Only five students unaffiliated with ASUA or the Arizona Board of Regents showed up to yesterday's tuition forum to share their concerns with the proposed tuition hike.

Of the 14 UA students who attended the hour-long forum in the Kiva Room at the Student Union Memorial Center, seven were ASUA officials, one was a former student lobbyist and one was a student regent hopeful. Student Regent Danelle Kelling, a law student at ASU, also attended the forum. [Read article]

photo Administrators call on campus to buy into need for diversity

Several administrators and faculty members agreed at a town hall yesterday that the UA community must create a campus more accepting to women and minorities.

Comparing a white male-dominated university to inbreeding, they said a diverse campus fosters an educational environment that exposes students to a broader range of ideas.

That's especially critical as women and minorities become increasingly powerful throughout society, and a new generation is forced to work with people who don't look like they do, said President Peter Likins. [Read article]

On the spot

Self-proclaimed 'failure' enjoys acting, promises not to have any wardrobe failures

Wildcat: Hi, we're going around randomly selecting students for the opportunity to win a $50,000 cash scholarship. All you have to do is answer a little Q&A.

Croner: Wow. Sure!

Wildcat: Actually, I'm kidding. You're on the spot.

Croner: OK. All right, then I'll go for the uh ... [Read article]

photo Fastfacts

Things you always never wanted to know.

  • Snails produce a colorless, sticky discharge that forms a protective carpet under them as they travel along. The discharge is so effective that snails can crawl along the edge of a razor without cutting themselves.

  • The Philippines consist of 7,100 islands. The total land area is about that of Arizona.

  • To view the wonders of the undersea world that no other man had probably seen, Adm. R. J. Galanson, chief of U.S. Naval Materials, peered through the portholes of a U.S. deep-submersible craft nearly half a mile below the surface of the Pacific Ocean. The first thing he saw on the ocean floor was an empty beer can. [Read article]

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    Campus Briefs

    Cancer Center enrolls runners, walkers for Cinco de Mayo 10K

    The Arizona Cancer Center is inviting walkers and runners of all ages and fitness levels to participate in this year's preparation for the Cinco de Mayo 10K event scheduled for May 2.

    The center started the Better Than Ever program as a pre-training course for the Bobbi Olson Half Marathon in December as part of the Tucson Marathon. BTE participants raise funds for research in women's cancers at the Arizona Cancer Center. [Read article]

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