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Tuesday, February 22, 2005
Bill could help rape victims

Phoenix - Health professionals are not required to provide information about emergency contraception when treating a rape victim, but a bill at the Legislature would require them to do so and help to prevent thousands of unwanted pregnancies from rape each year, say supporters.

An Arizona Senate bill would require any health professional treating a victim of sexual assault to provide the patient with information on emergency contraception and then, if the patient requested it, to provide them with the contraception. [Read article]

photo Girl first in Arizona to get heart surgery through veins

To reduce risks for a 2-year-old girl with heart disease, a University Medical Center physician was the first in Arizona to use a new technique, which allowed closing a hole in the girl's heart and avoiding open-heart surgery.

Alexis Woods, who has had heart problems since she was born, recovered quickly from the procedure, said her mother, Kelly Woods.

"She has been a lot better; she has more strength, more energy and started eating thoroughly," Kelly Woods said. "It's healing faster than I expected." [Read article]

photo Greeks collaborate to enhance black awareness

In an effort to gain a better presence on campus, increase community service, and raise money, the National Pan Hellenic Council is hosting activities throughout the week to get students involved in greek life.

The NPHC is made up of the historically black fraternities and sororities on campus.

Yesterday they held "penny wars" to raise funds for next year's board and tonight's keynote speaker, Steve Birdine, the international president of Iota Phi Theta fraternity, [Read article]

photo Caffeine craze unhealthy for study habits

Popping pills and downing cups of coffee may help students stay awake while studying, but it can also lead to unhealthy study habits and a mild drug addiction.

Caffeine is an alkaloid drug with a stimulant action, particularly on the central nervous system, and is generally used to promote wakefulness and mental activity, according to the Campus Health Service online library.

When caffeine enters the body, it is broken down into many different products known as metabolites, which are processed through the body before being excreted into urine, said Sherry Chow, research associate professor at the Arizona Cancer Center. [Read article]

photo Small crowd for senate candidates

Seventeen candidates vying for senate explained to a meager crowd their agendas for next year including improvements in textbook buyback rates and an online music service on campus.

The delegates are running to fill 10 positions in the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senate.

The litany of platforms ranged from increasing the buyback rate for textbooks, bringing national speakers to foster debate, entering into an agreement with an online music vendor like iTunes for all students, as well as printing a Spanish version of the Arizona Daily Wildcat. [Read article]

Admin propose to slash budget by 1/2 percent, centralize funds

Administrators could reduce the university budget by half a percent, keep 10 percent of department carry forward funds and shift faculty salaries, which are three of 17 proposals to reallocate money to help the UA deal with its continuing budget crisis.

President Peter Likins and Provost George Davis announced their money-saving ideas Friday, plans which are still under consideration but sure to upset members of the university community, Likins said in December. [Read article]

Program fees not a focus for NAU, ASU

All three Arizona universities proposed tuition hikes last week, but while the UA's plan calls for numerous undergraduate program fees, NAU and ASU tuition proposals are not suggesting as many additional costs.

The only program fee Arizona State University is seeking for undergraduates is $1,000 from each student in the Barrett Honor's College. Northern Arizona University's undergraduates do not pay program fees in any college, and administration will not consider them anytime soon, said Ronald Pitt, NAU's associate provost for academic administration. [Read article]

Café Sonora gets a menu makover

Students craving Mexican cuisine can find more traditional options in less time at Café Sonora, a popular restaurant located in the Student Union Memorial Center.

The restaurant revamped their menu in an effort to improve customer satisfaction and speed up the serving process.

Victoria Christie, assistant director of Dining Services, said big menu changes include the addition of red chicken enchiladas and the increase in the price of the popular "Monster Burrito." [Read article]

photo Author preserves Mexican culture

Patricia Preciado Martin tells other people's stories.

The author of six books held a lecture at the César E. Chávez building yesterday and presented her new book "Beloved Land: An Oral history of Mexican Americans in Southern Arizona."

The book is a compilation of stories about Mexican-Americans who grew up in Arizona.

Preciado Martin said that before she became a writer, she never felt passionate about anything. Encouraged by her husband, she tried to publish stories she had told her children during camping trips. After unsuccessful attempts, a woman told her to write about her own history. [Read article]

ASU Student Tries to Win Big on Who Wants to be a Millionaire

This week, college students from across the United States will test their knowledge on a popular TV game show, and an ASU student has the chance to walk away a winner.

This week Allyson Horgan, an Arizona State University psychology senior, is a contestant on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" hosted by Meredith Vieira of "The View."

The weeklong feature, College Week, gives students the opportunity to win up to $1 million and has given away almost $600,000 to students in the past two years, according to a press release. [Read article]

On the spot!

Freshman hates greek-oriented UA, couldn't care less about politics in Middle East

Wildcat: My name is Kylee and you're on the spot. What bugs you the most about the UA?

Hays: How it's so greek-oriented.

Wildcat: Why does that bug you?

Hays: Because I'm not in a sorority, and I think it just gets annoying.

Wildcat: Well the reason I ask is because, did you that know we have a nuclear reactor on campus? [Read article]

photo Fast facts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • There are 186 million more neurons in the left brain than in the right brain. The left cerebral hemisphere is considered the seat of reason, whereas the right cerebral hemisphere is responsible for passions and dreams.

  • A young robin eats as much as 14 feet of earthworms a day.

  • Juan Sebastian del Cano, a Spanish navigator, deserves the title of the world's first circumnavigator. When his skipper, Ferdinand Magellan, was killed in a squabble with natives in the Philippines, Cano assumed command of the Magellan expedition and sailed the Victoria across the Indian Ocean, around the southern tip of Africa and back to Spain, arriving Sept. 8, 1522, three years after setting sail. [Read article]

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