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Friday, September 10, 2004
photo UA prof refutes bottle toxicity

New study contradicts previous findings that Nalgene bottles unsafe

Studies done last year found popular Nalgene water bottles to be potentially toxic, but new research, done in part by a UA professor, suggests the bottles do not pose a risk.

A study done by the University of Missouri reported that a chemical called bisphenol-A seeps into water that is stored in polycarbonate plastic, the same kind used in Nalgene Lexan's outdoor water bottles. [Read article]

photo Koffler evacuated after pipe break

Between 800 and 1,000 students and faculty were evacuated from the Koffler building at 1:40 p.m. yesterday after a steam line burst on the third floor, said Anne Padias, director of academic services for the department of chemistry.

According to Padias, a steam line burst in a mechanical room on the third floor, setting off fire alarms and sprinklers.

"When we started the lab, the alarms just started, and the TA didn't know what was going on," said Jessica Tatarelli, physiological sciences sophomore. [Read article]

photo Replay cues up at Student Union

New record store brings recycled, new tunes to students on campus

The newest addition to the student union, Replay, has seen almost 1,000 customers in its first week of operation.

The new record store, located on the main floor of the Student Union Memorial Center next to Kaplan testing center, opened Sept. 3 and offers new and used CDs, DVDs and video games.

The store is the first in the country to feature a sales floor with nothing but display items and no actual inventory, said Rob Thomas, Replay co-manager said. All merchandise cases are left empty and open so customers can peruse items more closely. [Read article]

Students reflect on 9/11 attacks' commemoration

Three years after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, students have different ideas about how the day should be commemorated.

For the first time since the attacks, the UA does not plan to hold any commemorative events for the anniversary, Saturday.

"In past years, 9/11 ceremonies have been student-driven. This year no one came forward with any ideas," said Sharon Kha, UA spokeswoman. "It may be an indication that students are starting to heal." [Read article]

photo Club recruits new students

Student club prepares

middle school students for the college life

The Junior Wildcat Recruiters worked with 13,170 young students last year to get them excited about college, and the campus club hopes to do the same this year.

JWR visits Tucson-area schools and speaks with students from kindergarten to eighth grade about the UA.

“It’s our grass roots effort of helping out with our nation’s education,” said Edith Rahimian, JWR president. [Read article]

Wilbur celebrates his Bar Mitzvah

Hillel event to teach students about Jewish ritual using mock ceremony

Jewish and non-Jewish students alike are invited to learn about Bar and Bat Mitzvahs by participating in the Wilbur Wildcat Bar Mitzvah, a mock ceremony Friday at the Hillel Center at 6 p.m.

While Wilbur won't actually attend Friday night, he is expected to party with students and dance the Horah Monday at Gentle Ben's as the Wilbur Wildcat Bar Mitzvah party gets underway at 9 p.m. [Read article]

Word Up

Quotes from around campus and around the world

"Students at the University of Arizona stand in solidarity with all student voters in defending their right to vote in their college communities and have their voices heard."
- Kelly Kraus, president of the Network of Feminist Student Activists, on the right of out-of-state students to register to vote in Arizona.

"This is something they are stealing away from students."
- Steven Eddy, ASUA senator, on the cancellation of the December university-wide graduation ceremony. [Read article]

photo Fastfacts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • Based on the victim-to-population ratio, an adult has a greater chance of being physically assaulted in the state of Arizona than anywhere else in the country. The state with the second-highest rate of assault is North Carolina, and third is New Mexico.

  • It takes one day to get a divorce in the Dominican Republic.

  • Cinderella's slipper, many scholars believe, was not made of glass. The word "verre," or "glass," they claim, was incorrectly substituted in early versions of the story for the word "vaire." In medieval French, "Vaire" means "fur." [Read article]

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