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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

UA needs $58M for building repair


Students can expect more tuition hikes if the state Legislature doesn't fund a large portion of the $58 million needed for building repairs next year.

The Arizona Board of Regents approved the UA's request last week for $38 million for building renewal from the 2007 fiscal year state-operating budget.

But if the UA doesn't receive these funds, the university will be forced to take out 15- to 20-year bonds, said Greg Fahey, assistant vice president of UA Government Relations. [Read article]

· Tuition cuts available to all partners
· Comedian Hofstetter gives benefit show in ILC
· Professor profile: 'Repairing the world' through acceptance
· Science & Technology: Students should expect colder classrooms
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· FastFacts

Men's Basketball Notes: McClellan won't suit up for fall semester


Sophomore guard Jawann McClellan of the Arizona men's basketball team will not be in uniform for the first seven games of the 2005-2006 season after he was ruled ineligible for the fall semester.

McClellan said he heard about the appeal being denied last week but didn't know his status for sure until this week.

"It's my fault that I'm ineligible, and I have to accept that," McClellan said in McKale Center yesterday. "I've moved on, and I'm really happy because I'm really focused on school right now." [Read article]

· Inside the UA Athletes: Running passion unites siblings
· A slice of bacon: What I would do with $240 million jackpot
· Suns Notes: Suns lose star Stoudemire for four months
· Miller nets Pac-10 Player of the Week
· Wilson leads Cats in Seattle

The new Vietnam?


"We shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."- President John F. Kennedy, 1961 inaugural address

As inspiring as these words are, such rhetoric risks creating obligations that we, not even the U.S., can fulfill. Under this central tenet, the war in Iraq and Vietnam War are similar. Under Kennedy's watch, the first troops were sent to Vietnam in defense of liberty. Likewise, under President Bush's vigilance, troops were sent to Iraq to ultimately make the world safer. [Read article]

· Writing in the margins: ACLU, atheism taking aim at the religious
· Editorial: Flu pandemic the next Katrina
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Latest Issue: October 5, 2005


Bevelvision: High art for the whole family

The Mat Bevel Institute is the only bit of color you'll find on a nondescript stretch of road on North Stone Avenue, which leads into downtown. A barren enclosed yard fronts a sky-blue brick building with the word "Bevel" painted on its left corner. Except for the color there's really nothing much to the outside of the building.

Yet, the blah, humdrum exterior completely belies what you'll find inside. [Read article]

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Film: Artists show how Halloween feels
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Bacon and booze: Fall Crawl 2005 
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Music: Original Blues Brothers to play UA
'Baxter' sweet, funny not hilarious
Wolf Parade releases 2005's masterpiece
Celebrity Briefs

Latest Issue: October 11, 2005


Cool evening temperature, activities lure students outdoors

The days on campus are filled with crowds of bustling students hurrying to classes under the unrelenting Tucson sun. But when the sun goes down, the pace slows and many students find it the perfect time to work out, study or just take it easy.

"I'm out here a couple nights a week," said Peter Khoury, an undeclared freshman, between tosses of a light-emitting flying disc. "It's less crowded and the weather's better." [Read article]


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