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Police Beat

By Jesse Lewis
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday, August 24, 2004
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A student was stabbed through his right hand by another man with a stick at North Park Avenue and East Speedway Boulevard at 7:40 p.m., Saturday, reports stated.

The student was waiting to cross the street in front of the 7/11, when an unknown man approached him, reports stated.

The man came toward him and raised his hand over his head as if to strike the student. The student raised his right hand to defend himself and the man stabbed him, reports stated.

Police searched the area, but because the man waited to call police using the emergency button in front of the Douglass building, 1100 E. University Blvd., there was a delay and the man could not be found, reports stated.

Tucson Fire Department arrived and treated the man. He was then taken to Tucson Medical Center, reports stated.

The student said the attack was unprovoked and the man said nothing during the incident.

Two men were warned for trespassing after they were seen loading furniture into a trailer in front of the fine arts building, 1025 N. Olive Rd., Saturday at 8:37 a.m., reports stated.

The men told police that they were loading the furniture for a student employee. Dispatch showed that the employee the men had named had no affiliation with the UA. The men told them that the employee was working with a professor in the department who had recently gone to Nova Scotia on sabbatical, reports stated.

Police were unable to contact the professor. They were able to make contact with the student employee who said she had been a graduate employee "before" but would not say when, reports stated.

The woman admitted to giving the men the code but refused to give any further information.

Police had the men unload the furniture. They were warned about trespassing and told them that if they returned to the area without a legitimate reason, they would be arrested, reports stated.

Police contacted the UA lock shop and suggested they change the codes on the doors and they agreed to.

It is unknown how many people may have gotten the codes from the woman.

The woman called police soon after and asked if they were going to take any action against her for giving out the code. Police said that they would not but that they could not speak for the fine arts department who might have to pay to change the codes, reports stated.

Two students were arrested for underage drinking in Coronado Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., Thursday at 12:44 a.m., reports stated.

The resident assistant on duty told police the men were being loud and violating quiet hours while drinking in their room, reports stated.

The students opened the door and identified themselves, and one of the men also had a fictitious license. Police searched the room and found a Corona beer in the bathroom, two shot glasses that smelled of alcohol and a blender with some drops of alcohol in them, reports stated.

The men told police that the shots and blender had contained tequila.

After asking several times, the men admitted to drinking alcohol. The men were cited for underage drinking. One of the men was also cited for possession of a fictitious license and possession of alcohol, reports stated.

The shots and blender were placed into evidence and the Corona was poured out, reports stated.

A student was referred to the diversion program for possession of marijuana in the courtyard between Coronado and La Aldea, 822 E. Fifth St., Friday at 10:23 p.m., reports stated.

Police smelled burning marijuana coming from the area and saw the student who had red, bloodshot eyes and whose breath smelled of marijuana, reports stated.

Police asked the student if he had any marijuana on him and he said he had smoked earlier but didn't have any on him and said, "You can check me," reports stated.

At that point he put his hands in his pockets and said "Oh yeah, I have a little," reports stated.

The officer took the marijuana and the zig-zags from the man. He explained the diversion program to the student and told him he would be placed into it, reports stated.

A green sleeve was found containing a fishing license, Alaska sport fishing guide card and a receipt for the license on Wednesday 4:26 p.m. in a Zone 1 lot, 1325 N. Warren Ave., reports stated.

The items were found and turned into police by an anonymous party.

The owner was contacted but told police he could not retrieve the items for a while because he had just gotten his wisdom teeth out, reports stated.

Police placed the items into property for safekeeping.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumé can be found at

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