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Police Beat

By Jesse Lewis
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday, September 23, 2004
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Two students were referred to the diversion program for smoking marijuana in Kaibab-Huachuca Residence Hall, 922 E. Fourth St., early Tuesday morning, reports stated.

The resident assistant on duty called police when they smelled marijuana coming from a room on the first floor.

When police arrived, they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from the doorjamb.

The resident of the room answered the door and almost immediately began to panic.

Police calmed her down and noticed that her eyes were red, watery and bloodshot and her tongue had a green tint and raised taste buds, reports stated.

The officer told the resident why he was there and the student immediately said, "Yeah, we were smoking in here, but I don't have any more," reports stated.

She told police they could search whatever they wanted.

Police looked under her bed, which was raised about three or four feet off the floor, and the floor underneath was covered with blankets.

It was obvious to police that this was where the student had been smoking because of the strong odor of marijuana and the remnants of a marijuana cigarette, reports stated.

There was also a water bottle stuffed with wet paper towels under the bed, which the student admitted was used as a filter while they were smoking.

Police found a digital camera under the bed and the student said, "Yeah, we are all on there too," reports stated.

The student let police look at the photos on the camera and there were photos of a male student smoking the marijuana cigarette and using the water bottle filter.

The student told police that the male student lived in Hopi Residence Hall.

A photo of a woman, whom the student said attends Pima Community College, was on the camera as well. The student said the woman brought the marijuana.

Police contacted the male student and he said he had known the PCC student for about two months and only knew her first name.

He said he had smoked with her 10 or 15 times since they met, reports stated.

Police tried to contact the PCC student but were unsuccessful.

The marijuana cigarette, rolling papers, disk containing digital photos and water bottle were placed into property and evidence, reports stated.

Police confiscated a .380 caliber handgun, magazine and seven unfired rounds from a woman after they pulled her over for not having her headlights on just after midnight Monday near North Park Avenue and East First Street, reports stated.

Police asked the driver for her license, registration and insurance when they pulled her over.

She told them she didn't have any of them and they suggested she look in the glove compartment, reports stated.

When she opened the glove box, the officer saw a silver handgun and asked her about it.

The woman said she didn't know it was there and that it probably belonged to her boyfriend, the owner of the car.

She said he had let her borrow it to take someone home, reports stated.

Police seized the gun and said that the woman's boyfriend could retrieve it after presenting proper documents.

A UA golf cart was stolen from the west side of Arizona Stadium, 540 N. Vine Ave., after the football game Saturday, reports stated.

The golf cart, used by catering staff during the game, was moved by stadium staff to the west side of the stadium at 4 p.m. because of the water that was accumulating around the stadium, reports stated.

When a staff member returned at 7 p.m., the cart was gone.

Police searched the area but did not find the golf cart. They checked with Parking and Transportation Services to see if they had towed the vehicle, but the golf cart had not been found.

Police have no suspects or witnesses.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at

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