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Police beat

By Holly Wells
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday, September 27, 2004
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A student's $50 purse was stolen Sept. 20 from the Psychology building, 1503 E. University Blvd., reports stated.

The student told police she left the purse in her class around 10:50 a.m. and when she returned 10 minutes later, the purse was gone.

Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

A student's $15 black and gray backpack was stolen Sept. 20 from Bear Down Gym, 1428 E. University Blvd., while the student was taking a shower, reports stated.

The student told police he had gotten in the shower around 9:20 a.m. and had left his backpack in the locker room. The student said when he returned 10 minutes later, the backpack was gone.

The student said his wallet, keys and credit card were in the backpack.

Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

Someone found a black adjustable cane Sept. 20 at the Second Street Garage, 1340 E. Second St., and turned it into police, reports stated.

Police were unable to find the owner of the cane.

The cane was placed into property, reports stated.

Police found counterfeit $20 bills on a man Sept. 20 after they arrested him and another man outside of the Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., for having warrants, reports stated.

When police arrived, a resident of Coronado said she had seen the two men walking around the bike rack. The resident told police the men had been tugging on bikes and locks.

When the two men saw police, they started walking away from the bike rack, reports stated.

When police asked the two men for ID, they both said they didn't have any. One of the men told police he had warrants out for his arrest.

Both men said they were not students. The men said they were there to pick up a bike for a friend who was a student at the UA. The men said they could not find the bike, reports stated.

One of the men had a backpack, and when police asked if they could look in it he said yes.

Police found cutting pliers and a small plastic bag with a white powdery substance in it.

When police asked the man what the substance was, he said chalk, reports stated.

Police told the men to stop lying.

The man then admitted that the substance was methamphetamine. The man then told police he had given them a fake name earlier and gave police his real name.

The man was arrested for two outstanding warrants, lying to police and possession of narcotics.

The other man was arrested for three outstanding warrants.

Both men were taken to Pima County Jail.

At Pima County Jail the men were searched and police found two counterfeit $20 bills on one of the men.

The man said he might have gotten the bills from a gas station.

The white powdery substance and the counterfeit bills were placed into evidence, reports stated.

Someone charged $120.34 to a student's debit card sometime between Sept. 13 and Sept. 14, reports stated.

The student told police she had found out about the charges when her father, the CEO of her bank, noticed some strange activity on her account.

The student said her father immediately canceled her card and got her a new one.

The student said there had been five unauthorized charges and they all traced back to Illinois.

The student told police she had never been to Illinois.

Police have no suspects, reports stated.

A student's CatCard was stolen from the La Paz Residence Hall, 602 N. Highland Ave., on Sept. 18, reports stated.

The student told police she had had several people in her room between 1 p.m. and 8 p.m.

The student said they had been watching TV.

The student said when everyone left she noticed her CatCard was missing

The student said she had no idea who would have taken her CatCard.

Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

An $800 10-speed road bike was stolen Sept. 20 from the Law building, 1201 E. Speedway Blvd., reports stated.

The owner of the bike told police he had locked his bike with a cable lock around 8:30 a.m., and when he returned around 2:30 p.m. the bike was gone.

Police have no suspects or witnesses, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports. A complete list of UAPD activity can be found daily at

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