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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
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Kerry's has no one to blame but himself

With regards to the backlash to John Kerry's service in Vietnam, if there is one person who can be blamed for all of this, it is John Kerry himself.

Being the opportunist that he is, Mr. Kerry seems to have made a career out of exploiting his service in the South Asian theater since being discharged. Although I respect the service that he has given our country, his incessant efforts to wear his military service on his sleeve for political gain is getting very old.

Mr. Kerry's campaign would fare well if he focused more on what he would do as president, rather than his past military service. Democrats seemed to have taken this position back in '92 when Bill Clinton sought his first presidential election. Their reversal on this position, in an effort to out-tough their opponent, may contribute to their loss in November.

Michael J. Williams
finance senior

Wildcat needs more men's hoops action

I'm a UA alum and I catch the Wildcat online. I was hoping the Wildcat would consider covering the men's hoops team more often, like at least a little article every day. I just came to learn that Hassan and Shakur made the first round of cuts for the men's under-20 national team!

Really, I have been disappointed in the past that UA men's basketball breaking news is just not found in the Wildcat.

It just seems that the men's hoops team has the premier following of all the UA sports programs, and it would be nice if the Wildcat could be a source. But hey, what do I know anyway?

Jimmy McCloskey
UA alumnus

Wildcat cartoon section is 'pure crap'

I hope that this first day's batch of comics on the back page is no indication of what is to come this year. The exception is "Optimal Stubble." It seems that every year we lose a comic of quality and replace it with pure crap. Students, aren't there any of you out there with some comedic talent or at least potential for it? Don't make the one minute out of my day that I read the comics a waste of time; replace these lame unfunny artists! If the crossword puzzle was written by an illiterate infant, people would complain; let's have some quality standards imposed on the funnies too!

Allison Carstensen
family and consumer sciences senior

Cambodia not a 'tourist's nightmare'

This is in regards to Keren Raz's article on travel to Cambodia. I was in Siem Reap visiting the ruins of Angkor Wat in December. I found the people to be wonderful and generally happy, the town to be safe and pleasant and the ruins to be phenomenal. At no time did I ever feel that the area was dangerous for tourists, and I would gladly recommend it to friends and family. I don't dispute your story; I just think it is important to hear another


Stephen Lamm
UA alumnus

Students: think prior to getting a new pet

Another school year dawns and many people are setting up housekeeping in area houses and apartments. The temptation is great to add that cute puppy or kitten to the list of "must haves." After all, a cat makes a house a home, right? Chicks dig guys with puppies, don't they?

Friends, please think ahead. Are you able to make a permanent home for your canine or feline roommate? Once second semester is over and you head out to that summer adventure or new job, are you going to be able to take one-year-old Spot or Puff with you?

Adopting a dog or cat is a minimum 10-year responsibility. If long-term commitment to an animal is not in your plans, please do not get a pet.

Margo Elson
director of Friends of Alley Cats of Tucson rescue, UA alumna

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