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Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday, October 8, 2004
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Cheney set record straight in debate

Vice President Dick Cheney set the record straight on Tuesday during the vice presidential debate in which he contrasted the strong and steady leadership of President George W. Bush with the inconsistencies of the Kerry/Edwards campaign.

The vice president laid out the numerous ways Kerry has taken different stances on the major issues facing this country, easily bending with the political pressures, such as voting for war in Iraq to later declaring it was the "wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time" and voting for the $87 billion for supplies for troops in combat, before he voted against it.

We cannot have a commander in chief that wakes up each morning and checks which way the political winds are blowing. Cheney also reminded the American people that John Edwards is known as Senator Gone by the people he was elected to represent, showing his utter disregard for the voters of North Carolina.

Vice President Cheney showed the American people that it is the strength, experience and conviction of President George W. Bush that will win this election and not the inconsistencies and flip flopping of Kerry/Edwards.

Danielle Roberts
political science junior

Michael Moore fans still not getting it

Nothing irritates me more than to repeatedly read the arguments presented by fellow students in the "Mailbag" or columns written elsewhere in the Wildcat concerning the Michael Moore issue.

They don't seem to get why Michael Moore's coming to my university has caused an uproar amongst the College Republicans and conservatives alike.

It has nothing to do with partisan politics, economics, hatred or any of the other guesses pointed out thus far.

The real issue is balance.

The CRs, as they are commonly known, have not asked for a recall of the decision to bring Mr. Moore, but rather to include a speaker from the other side as well.

Because he is a partisan speaker and the only one actually funded (endorsed) by the ASUA at this point, there must be an equal presented from the other side as well.

Democrats, Republicans and Michael Moore can be partisan, but the ASUA cannot be.

They are a public institution, not a private one.

ASUA is funded by both liberal and conservative students attending the UA. They are therefore required to represent both belief systems to the best of their abilities.

John Winchester
electrical engineering sophomore

Moore's invitation shows ASUA biased

Gabriel Soto's letter "College Republicans should foot bill for other speaker" printed yesterday strikes me as a failure to understand the function of ASUA, which is to represent all students.

ASUA's decision to invite Michael Moore without any plan to provide an equal and balanced opposition proves this body is biased.

Therefore, the College Republicans have every right to demand funding to provide what the ASUA should be providing.

Mr. Moore has inserted himself in the political process of this country, representing an extremely left wing segment of this country.

It only stands to reason that Mr. Chapman would also invite someone on the extreme right, such as a Michael Savage, to provide fairness and balance for the majority of students who fall somewhere in the middle of these extremes.

Jeff Steinkamp
computer science sophomore

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