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Tueday, December 7, 2004
Former prof first in U.S. to receive top Nobel award

UA professor emeritus and Nobel Prize winner Willis E. Lamb, Jr. will receive a lifetime dedication award from the Nobel Foundation's meetings of Nobel Prize winners Friday, making Lamb the first American and third person overall to win the prestigious honor.

Lamb, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1955, will receive the Lennart Bernadotte Award, named after the family that has hosted the meeting of Nobel laureates and protégés - graduate students - since 1951. [Read article]

photo UA funding may be short again

The university needs to change its strategy when approaching the state legislature next month, because the change in members of the state legislature might mean funding will not be as favorable as anticipated, state legislature members told UA faculty yesterday.

State House Rep. Ted Downing (D-Ariz.), a UA research professor of social development, and State Sen. Toni Hellon (R-Tucson) spoke at yesterday's Faculty Senate meeting about the upcoming legislative session and told faculty members to take a proactive approach in order to acquire the most funding. [Read article]

photo Campus scientists create better bottle

With the help of hydrology and environmental experts at the UA, Gary Payne, president of NviroHealth Inc., designed a water bottle complete with its own filtration system, which is now available at the UofA Bookstore. The water bottle, called The Grip, will save users money and provide them with clean water at the same time, Payne said.

NviroHealth researches environmental pollution and its effects on humans, according to the company's Web site. After a friend got sick from such pollution, Payne said he wanted to find a way to improve the cleanliness of water in Tucson. [Read article]

photo UA senator attempts to drive book prices down

Textbook prices at the UofA Bookstore could be reduced as early as next year if student leaders get the word out to faculty to submit their textbook requests by the deadline.

Adoption lists, which let the UofA Bookstore know in advance which textbooks instructors plan to use, should be turned in months in advance before a new semester begins, said Matthew Carr, an Associated Students of the University of Arizona Senator. [Read article]

photo Holidays, finals deliver heavy stress to students

Between finals and the holidays, the end of the semester can be an especially stressful time for everyone on campus.

Suzanne Delaney, a UA psychology professor, said this time of year definitely makes students more stressed than they are at any other time. She said stress not only affects students psychologically, but physically as well.

"During this time of year, students are more stressed, and their immune system can be affected," Delaney said. [Read article]

photo Smart ways to beat the end-of-semester heat

No matter how much students do to prevent it, exams are almost always accompanied by stress.

David Salafsky, a health educator with Campus Health Service, said being prepared is essential to managing stress and making sure it does not break down physical, mental or emotional health.

"Planning ahead so you are not up against a wall is good way to reduce stress," Salafsky said.

Campus Health suggests the following tips to make finals easier to get through: [Read article]

photo Fast facts

  • In the 1936 Swaything Cup Match in table tennis, Alex Ehrlich of Poland and Paneth Carcas of Romania volleyed for 2 hours and 12 minutes on the opening serve.

  • Traveling at about 186,000 miles per second, light takes 6 hours to travel from Pluto to Earth.

  • The earth moves in its 585-million mile orbit around the sun approximately eight times faster than a bullet travels.

  • It takes 100 pounds of rain water to produce a single pound of food from the earth. Between 10 and 20 tons of water must pass through the roots of an acre of corn before one bushel of corn will be produced. [Read article]

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