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Athlete of the week: Damwijk keeps eyes on the prize

CLAIRE C. LAURENCE/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Walk-on senior Kamaya Damwijk sizzled in her first games this weekend for the UA soccer team. Damwijk scored a goal and an assist against Drake this weekend during the Cyclone Classic in Ames, Iowa. Damwijk and the Wildcats will host the Wildcat Shootout this weekend at Murphey Stadium.
By Amanda Branam
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday, September 1, 2004
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After playing three years on the UA club soccer team, senior forward Kamaya Damwijk walked on to the NCAA team this season, where she is already making an impact. Damwijk, of Poway, Calif., started both games in the Cyclone Classic over the weekend in Ames, Iowa, and finished the weekend with one goal and one assist in the Wildcats' two victories.

Wildcat: Why did you decide to try out for the team?

Damwijk: I didn't really try out; (head coach Dan Tobias) just asked me to come out - I don't really know how to explain it ... I played on the club team for three years, and so this year I just decided to come out and play, and just try and help the team out.

Wildcat: What's the difference between club soccer and NCAA soccer?

Damwijk: Basically it's a lot more time-consuming. It's better-quality soccer, but it's every single day. Like club - it's more you go out there, you have fun - I mean, we still have fun out here - but it's a lot more intense. The competition is at a much higher level.

Wildcat: Did you expect to come in so fast, score goals and make a difference?

Damwijk: No, I kind of thought I'd be sitting the bench for a while, actually.

Wildcat: Now, on to more fun questions - what's the one food you can't live without?

Damwijk: Oh. Ice cream, definitely. At the beginning of the season, we say something we are going to give up, and I just said I would cut back on ice cream.

Wildcat: Just cut back?

Damwijk: Yeah, but I have cut back though! We got one scoop for winning for this weekend.

Wildcat: What else are you interested in besides soccer?

Damwijk: I like photography. I don't know, just outdoors stuff. The beach, but there is no beach here, so I guess I am not interested in that right now ... I like watching sports - I like watching baseball.

Wildcat: Who do you think is going to win the World Series?

Damwijk: The Padres (laughs).

Wildcat: What did you think of the women soccer players winning the gold medal at the Olympics - was it a big part of your growing up watching them play?

Damwijk: No, I actually never watched soccer - I watched more of the guy's team than the girl's team.

Wildcat: What's your favorite team?

Damwijk: I like Holland. (Laughs) I don't like teams by how good they are usually.

Wildcat: What's your favorite part about playing soccer?

Damwijk: I guess the free stuff (laughs). No, it's cool - the whole team, we are always together as a team, doing things. It's fun competing together, and watching us all improve.

Wildcat: What do you think about how you guys will do this year?

Damwijk: I wasn't on the team last year, but I feel like all those times where they barely lost were stupid things, so we can work on not making those mistakes as much. And I feel like we are going to be prepared a little bit more for the competition, maybe more than they have in the past.

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Athlete of the week: Damwijk keeps eyes on the prize
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