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Thursday, September 2, 2004
SafeRide expands services

As ASUA SafeRide embarks on another year, program officials say they plan to expand the service through community outreach.

Joshua Wright, director of Associated Students at the University of Arizona's SafeRide, said a main objective for the upcoming year is to establish SafeRide as not only a "nighttime car service," but also as an advocacy program for campus safety.

SafeRide, a free ride safety service for UA students, operates Sunday through Thursday, 6:30 p.m. to 1 a.m. Students who do not feel comfortable walking alone can call for a "safe ride." SafeRide picks up students as far north as East Grant Road and as far south as East Broadway Boulevard. The east-west boundaries for SafeRide are North Tucson Boulevard and North Fourth Avenue. [Read article]

photo Eller targets U. Georgia dean for UA

The Eller College of Management has targeted the University of Georgia business dean as a likely successor in its search for a new dean.

George Benson has been the dean of the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia in Athens since 1998.

The Eller College held a question-and-answer forum with Benson yesterday in which faculty, students, and any other interested parties could participate. Approximately 30 individuals, mostly faculty members, attended the event. [Read article]

photo Student wants classmates to vote

A UA student is reaching out to clubs on campus in hopes of getting as many as possible to help him increase voter participation among students.

Cole Adamson, an economics senior, said he is dismayed by the low national average of students taking part in the electoral process.

This dismal turnout was the primary reason Adamson founded University of Arizona Voter Coalition, he said.

The coalition aims to increase the student vote, by encouraging all of the clubs on campus to work together in this effort. [Read article]

ASUA tries to make leaders accountable with new contract

In an effort to increase productivity within Associated Students of the University of Arizona this year, student government executives developed an "Accountability Contract," which was signed by members of all three branches of ASUA.

"It encourages everyone to do their job to the greatest potential," said Alistair Chapman, president of the student body.

The contract, which applies to senators, the president's cabinet, programs and services, as well as the three student executives, requires that students turn in bi-weekly progress reports which outline accomplishments from the previous two weeks. [Read article]

photo Sociability of halls suffers due to fire codes

Due to fire codes, the new Highland Commons Residence Halls, La Paz and Pima residents must keep their room doors closed, a rule that does not apply to older halls.

Unlike other halls on campus, the doors in those halls have hinges that make them close automatically, and students who disengage the automatic hinge on their doors are subject to a conduct violation.

Jim Van Arsdel, Residence Life director, compared the code to the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires new buildings erected to abide by the codes but older buildings do not need to change to fit the code. [Read article]

On the spot

Senior wants to reach out and touch women, would streak if world was ending very soon

Candee: Are you looking to talk to someone?

Wildcat: I'm just looking for an interview.

Candee: Hey, do you want to interview me?

Wildcat: Why do you want to be On the Spot?

Candee: Because you asked me.

Wildcat: Umm... you asked me, actually.

Candee: Well, I guess it's a good way to reach out and touch the students. [Read article]

Campus Detective

Question: What's the story with the signs that used to be in the library?
- Tim Spencer, masters student in accounting


They read, "The Library has received several complaints about solicitation and sex acts being performed in this restroom. For the record, it is inappropriate and ILLEGAL to use University restrooms for sexual activities or solicitation. Such actions will be reported to UAPD for the appropriate disposition..." [Read article]

photo Fast facts

  • Studies done by the psychology department of DePauw University show that the principle reason people lie is to avoid punishment.

  • The star Zeta Thauri was so bright when it exploded in 1054 that it could be seen during the day.

  • Almost half the pigs in the world are kept by farmers in China.

  • "Not Able to Fornicate" was the English translation of the name of an actual 19th century northwestern Native American chief. [Read article]

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