September 14, 1995


Terrell honored at memorial

UA in 'business against us,' merchants say

Faculty Senate meeting will address 5-year plan

Rape is a reality for all people

Why not six billion?

UA student recounts years of abuse, rape

The virtues of recycling

Dr. America, out to cure the world

Fans wanting good seats shouldn't be late

Flighty football fans should stick around

Column stylish, but pointless

Quiz time: Do you really know women?

Police Beat

Campus Calendar

UA unites against rape

Health care community seeking end to violence

Medical library initiates on-line catalog

Peeping Toms

Planetarium offers unique alternative

Alien misrepreseNation

Herbal ecstasy no substitute for the real thing

Frank and honest, Handbook is a must

Gallery gathers 'Seis Ra°ces Nuevas'

Music Reviews by Greg D'Avis and Mark Reynolds Arizona Daily Wildcat

Phair is fair and easily forgettable

Vitality rejuvenated in early tracks

Jawbreaker's latest 'rocks' despite poor vocals

Presidential candidate looks to 'natural law'

UA asks Legislature for work-study funds

Wimbledon wishes and strawberry dreams

Arizona falls in five games to Sun Devils

UA's Williams earning recognition with help of punt block

Illinois' Rice 'finest pass rusher' in college ranks