February 14, 1995

Students fight military policy

Student charged with sexual assault

Tuition plans pass first review, seek funding


Student urges everyone to get along

Fair-weather fans should give up tickets

Get your rocks off

Police Beat

On Campus

KAMP seeks student funding

Student designs 'timeless' logo to mark new campus

Injunction freezes ASUA account expenditures

Population increase causes rents to soar

Businesses offer unusual gifts for Valentine's Day sweetheart

Faculty emphasize improving teaching skills at open house

Fighting in Peru

Murder in Pakistan

Wellness Center offers students check-ups, tips

Lovers hopelessly confined by reality in 'Before Sunrise'

Cramps tour for 'Flamejob'

Spider-Man's 400th issue sports new beginning

Imposing mom creates comedy

Last-second shocker sets record no one wants

Unprecedented move designed to snap losing streak

Coach's intensity creates positive locomotion

Made in Germany

UA handily takes Colorado

NBA second half seriousness begins