March 9, 1995

Torch passed to Driggs

New campus, closings top regents' list

Union taking a safety break


Wildcat ignores university's fine arts

Students should utilize professors' office hours

In memory of Dr. Johnson

Research and education are not mutually exclusive

A conservative speaks out

Provost allegedly closed an open meeting

Philosophy prof. 'slimed' by '60 Minutes'

How UA can prevent possible fraud lawsuit

'60 Minutes' speaks

Former professor supports Solomon's recent column

Police Beat

On Campus

Rapport with administration key issue in senate race

Man receives experimental heart



Die 116's latest satisfies with less hardcore, more noise

Money makes the awards go 'round and preempts 'Sinbad'

Art exhibit examines relationship between personality and fashion

Upcoming flicks offer cool alternative to summer heat

Oscar recognizes a new era in motion picture special effects

Unlikely duo to visit music hall

'Marathon' gives video game junkies virtual slaughterfest

A matter of timing

No doubt, March Madness still best games of season

Another injury plagues UA's lineup as Blair sprains ankle

Stanford leads 'toughest division' Six-pac as play begins