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Thursday February 22, 2001

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Bicycle thefts on the rise

Despite a recent rise in what is already one of the most common crimes on campus, many students still do not take the necessary precautions to prevent bicycle theft, a UAPD officer said.

Sgt. Mike Smith, UAPD spokesman, said a common mistake students make is using cable or chain locks instead of U-locks to secure their bikes.

U-locks, though generally more expensive, provide greater protection against theft when used correctly, and bikes locked with them rarely end up being reported to UAPD, Smith said.

If a bicycle is stolen, Smith said, its serial number can be entered into a national database to help recover it.

"Without a serial number, it would be next to impossible to recover," he said. "How many red 10-speeds are out there?"

Bicycles can also be registered with UA Parking and Transportation, which provides each bike a registration number that can be useful to recover a bicycle if the owner does not have the serial number, Smith said.

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ASUA senators formally disapprove of Mall construction area

Three-hour discussion included senators, students and faculty

With current students in mind, the ASUA Senate sent a loud message to campus builders last night passing an initiative that requests construction stay away from the Mall.

The UA Mall preservation resolution, written by Associated Students President Ben Graff, was the focus of a three-hour discussion among the senators and an audience of more than 25 people - including UA President Peter Likins, UA students, and Swinerton and Walberg Builders representatives.

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UA women, both dive teams open Pac-10 Championships today

Women's swim, men and women's dive, seek second-straight championship title

After putting a close to the regular spring season, the No. 2 Arizona women's swim and dive teams begin their next challenge: defending a Pacific 10 Conference title.

Arizona - who put an end to Stanford's dominance with a win last year - will try to repeat history in the meet, which starts today and runs through Saturday at the Weyerhaeuser King Country Aquatic Center in Federal Way, Wash.

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What a difference feces can make

The First Amendment took center stage this week as the Brooklyn Museum of Art - the people who brought you the grotesque picture of Blessed Virgin Mary covered in elephant dung last year - unveiled "Yo Mama's Last Supper." This "work of art" is a photograph modeled after Da Vinci's Last Supper, in which Christ takes the form of a completely nude woman, depicted by the artist, Renee Cox, herself. Also, all the disciples in the photograph are black except for Judas Iscariot, who is a white man.

The artist claims that the photo is her way of responding to what she considers to be the repressive teachings of the Catholic Church. Unlike the elephant dung artist, who had claimed (spuriously in my opinion) that the dung was a symbolic attempt to make a spiritual connection with the earth, Ms. Cox makes little pretense as to her motivation for the work. It is her private declaration of war on the church.

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Here on Earth

Local painter explores issues of space and self in Hotel Congress exhibit

Local artist Catherine Eyde is out of this world - at least, her artwork is.

Her work - currently on display at Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St., and the adjoining cafe, The Cup - portrays women in outer space as a metaphor for the limitless freedom of choice and change that should be available to them.

"My latest exhibition, 'Women in Space,' has to do with changing your environment and changing your life (as a woman), removing obstacles and exploring possibilities," said Eyde, who has lived in Tucson for five years.

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Fast facts: Thursday February 22, 2001

Kotex was first manufactured as bandages.

L'eggs is the best-selling panty hose in America.

Largest man-made lake in the world: Lake Mead.

Lemons contain more sugar than strawberries.