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Monday August 28, 2000

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Police Beat

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Tucson rave overhyped, students say

16 arrested at all-night event promoted by UA grad student

A Tucson rave that grabbed front-page headlilnes throughout the city last week because of a battle with Pima County went off relatively smoothly during the weekend.

Transcend, the all-night rave that lasted until about 7 a.m. yesterday, drew about 1,800 people to Cowtown Keeylocko, about 40 miles southwest of Tucson.

Despite the hype and a last-minute change of location, many University of Arizona students attending the rave said they enjoyed their experience.

"You don't find this type of scene at a club," said Chris Ancharski, an undeclared freshman. "It's a different world."

Friday August 28, 2000 Quotable:

"I had to translate it as the king of the world himself is coming. The president of the world is coming to their chief."
-Khairat Abdulrazaq Gwadabe on Clinton's visit to Africa

Today in History - Friday August 28, 2000

In 1963, on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the civil rights movement reached its high-water mark when Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke to over 200,000 demonstrators present at the March on Washington. The famous "I Have a Dream" passage of the address was actually improvised.

In 1955, while visiting family in Mississippi, Emmett Till, a Northern black 14-year-old, was brutally murdered for calling a white woman "baby" four days earlier. His assailants - the woman's husband and brother - gouged out his eyes, shot him in the head and tied his body to a cotton gin before throwing his body into the river.

In 1996, after four years f separation, Prince Charles and Princess Diana formally divorced.

In 1969, Jason Priestly, of Beverly Hills 90210, was born.

In 1937, the Toyota Motor Company, Ltd., originally a division of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, became a corporation.

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