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Thursday January 18, 2001

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Retention efforts high despite dropout rate

Freshman Year Center, cultural resource centers aid in improving first-year retention

While the dropout rate at the University of Arizona ranks among the highest compared to peer institutions, the UA retention rate has not changed in the last 10 years.

Rick Kroc, director of the Office of Assessment and Enrollment Research, said that the retention rate has held steady - at 77 percent - for the last 10 years and that students are taking less time to graduate.

"The UA is graduating more students and they are graduating faster," Kroc said.

A U.S. News and World Report study found that 23 percent of UA freshmen drop out after their first year, compared to peer research institutions such as the University of Virginia - which had the lowest rate at 3 percent - and the University of Utah, which boasted the highest rate at 28 percent.

Kroc stressed that the UA's admission policy, compared to other institutions in the study, is more liberal so as to give everyone a chance at a college education.

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Vandals trash vacant fraternity house

Delta Tau Delta's old house vandalized after group moves on campus, building will be

The recently vacated house of UA's Delta Tau Delta fraternity was severely vandalized - twice - immediately after the group moved out last weekend, making demolition of the building necessary.

Trash is strewn about the house's interior, jagged remains of windowpanes jut from the frames, and it is impossible to lock the facility, 1550 N. Vine Ave., so university risk management workers erected a security fence around the property on Friday, said Steve Holland, Director of UA Risk Management and Safety.

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Revamped Wildcats head to the Aloha State

Baseball lacks experience but not talent

The UA baseball team opens the 2001 season in Hawaii tonight in what will turn out to be more than just a Winter Hawaiian vacation.

The Wildcats will play four games in three days, jump-starting their season on the road against Hawaii-Hilo.

Arizona holds a 9-2 all-time advantage against the Vulcans, who the Wildcats swept in three games in January 1999.

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The Leftist Hit List

To the ever growing list of politically incorrect literary works, add yet another great American novel-J.D. Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye."

According to a recent Washington Post article, despite being more popular than ever with students, the book is quickly falling into disfavor with educators.

Once a staple for mandatory reading lists in high school English courses, Catcher, like "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" before it, now finds itself on the hit list of the Left.

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Velvet Tea Garden to reopen at new Fourth Ave. location

Owner hopes to retain same atmosphere as former Sixth

The Velvet Tea Garden plans to reopen its doors at a new Fourth Avenue location this February after its December eviction from its former site at the corner of Sixth Street and Sixth Avenue. "

We are going to trying to keep the same integrity of the Velvet - the same look, the same feel," owner Bill Johnson said.

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Quotable: Thursday January 18, 2001

''There are two things you find in the middle of the road: a moderate and a dead skunk.''

-John Ashcroft, in response to Senate Democrats' displeasure with a speech he gave at Bob Jones University.

On This Day: Thursday January 18, 2001

In 1773, Captain James Cook becomes 1st to cross the Antarctic Circle (66 33' S).

In 1893, Queen Liliuokalani is deposed and the Kingdom of Hawaii becomes a republic.

In 1861, the flush toilet (with a separate water tank and pull chain) was patented by Thomas Crapper.