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Friday February 2, 2001

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Gateway Exam could affect calc enrollment

Failing grade could cause students to be dropped from course

Future second-semester calculus students could be faced with a do-or-die test next fall to prove they are ready for the class.

The Gateway Exam, a 12-question test evaluating students' knowledge of the previous semester of calculus, may soon become integrated into every UA Math 129 class to ensure student preparation, said Dan Madden, associate professor of mathematics and acting associate head of the math department.

Students who miss more than two questions would be dropped from the course, although they may be able to retake the test, Madden said.

Students in scientific and technical majors are required to pass Math 129 to graduate.

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Study shows test cramming has negative effects on grades

UA doctor, students agree that all-nighters better than nothing, but not by much

Findings of a study conducted at Harvard Medical School show that all-night study sessions may have a negative effect on students' grades - which does not come as a surprise to UA sleep experts.

"This is nothing new," said Dr. Colin Bamford, director of the UA neurophysiology and sleep lab. "Every study to date has shown that, and I would expect this one to mirror the others."

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Wildcats look to end 2-game skid

The Arizona baseball team will attempt to halt a two-game slide when they play host to Long Beach State in a weekend series starting today at 2 p.m. at Sancet Field.

The Wildcats (5-4) will have their hands full with the Dirtbags (0-0), who come into Tucson as the No. 22 team in the nation.

The Wildcats lead the all-time series 8-6 and won two of three games against LBSU in 1994, the last year the two teams met.

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State Legislature should pass need-based funding bill

Arizona Student Association (ASA) is lobbying the state legislature for a critical cause - increasing need-based education funding from the state.

The state must respond to ASA's efforts by upping its contribution to need-based funds that state universities receive.

As tuition levels rise regularly, many students are forced to take out student loans in order to pay for college. Out-of-state students have an even more difficult time funding their education, since they pay higher tuition.

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Best of both worlds

UA student shows artwork at Epic Cafe

After spending a year studying in Italy, graphic design senior Sarit Melmed returned to Tucson to reconnect with her American heritage - and she used the American flag to do it.

Following a difficult transition back into the states, Melmed said she decided to turn to art in order to reconcile her recent experiences in Italy with her return to the U.S.

Her oil paintings, photos and found-object sculptures are currently on display at the Epic Cafe, 745 N. Fourth Ave., in her exhibit "Bella Tucson."

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Fast facts: Friday February 2, 2001

Elephants can't jump. Every other mammal can.

On Sundays, in New Hampshire, residents may not relieve themselves while looking up.

Pound for pound, hamburgers cost more than new cars.

The United States has the highest minimum drinking age in the entire world.