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Wednesday, March 2, 2005

ASUA candidate accused of campaign violations

Several students have come forward and said Jacob Reuben, an ASUA presidential candidate, has violated multiple rules, but the election commissioner said the accusations are unmerited.

Adam Falck, Associated Students of the University of Arizona elections commissioner, said each complaint is fully looked into, and the only legitimate violations have been "petty poster" violations for different candidates.

Falck said complaints are taken seriously, but so far, statements against Reuben have been speculation, and no witnesses have agreed to give a testimony. [Read article]

· ZBT party ends in red tags, arrests
· Solar panel initiative not ready for ASUA vote
· Themed dorm wings cater to student interests
· Admission standards tightened for resident undergrads
· Tuition increases debated tonight
· Happy Hour event promotes drinking safety
· First-generation students get boost to grad school
· Fast facts

Softball: Hit her if you can


As Alicia Hollowell continues to break Arizona softball records, the hardware keeps piling up.

The junior pitcher was named Pacific 10 Conference Pitcher of the Week for the week of Feb. 22-Tuesday, the league office announced yesterday.

Hollowell, who earned her second selection of the season and the 92nd all-time for the No. 1 Arizona softball team, tossed two no-hitters in the Compass Bank Invitational this weekend in Waco, Texas.

She struck out 46 batters in 21 innings over three starts, surpassing Jennie Finch's school record for career punchouts (1,028) Sunday in a 1-0 win over Baylor. [Read article]

· Student section step in the right direction
· Men swim for Pac-10 titles today
· No. 6 Laxcats host No. 5 Michigan

Can girls do math?

A little more than a month ago, Harvard president Lawrence Summers incited the wrath of his audience at a conference on diversifying science and engineering by suggesting that differences in the hiring rates of men and women in academia are in part due to differences in the intrinsic aptitude of male and female candidates.

Many have rushed to Summers' side, insisting that though his comments were of course bigoted and unsupported, the vitality of freedom of expression in our nation's universities hinges on his being allowed to remain at the helm of Harvard's ship. There are also, as usual, the brainless battalions of PC police calling for Summers' ouster. [Read article]

· Minuteman project not worth a second
· Mailbag

Latest Issue: February 24, 2005


Sometimes it's fun to imagine that characters in Shakespeare's plays are real people. That, after the play is over, they go home, plunk down on their couches and flip on the TV. Othello likes "Fear Factor" and Hamlet is a big "Six Feet Under" fan. On Saturday nights their cell phones ring, and they're out the door.

But if Shakespeare's characters were real, I would also imagine that some of them wouldn't be as popular as the Prince of Denmark. On Saturday night Pericles sits alone in his studio apartment, waiting for the phone to ring, hoping that Lady Macbeth will invite him to the party. [Read article]

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'Constantine' is hell to watch
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Latest Issue: February 22, 2005

Hookah offers safe and relaxing alternatives

College students are always looking for the newest, hippest and easiest trends to keep their bored little minds occupied. While smoking weed will always be fashionable, it's illegal too. As an alternative, locals, young and old, are getting together to smoke the legal way, with the help of the hookah.

The pastime has become even more popular in Tucson since Roger Smiley and his wife Sarah opened Smiley's Ultimate Hookah Lounge and Coffee last year. [Read article]


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