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Athlete of the week: Blasberg in driver's seat

FILE PHOTO/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Arizona sophomore golfer Erica Blasberg is this week's Wildcat Athlete of the Week after she won her second consecutive tournament last week in Seattle.
By Shane Bacon
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday October 16, 2003

Erica Blasberg won her second consecutive golf tournament last week at the Edean Ihlanfeldt Invitational near Seattle, earning her Athlete of the Week honors. The sophomore from Corona, Calif. has notched her fourth win in less than a year and extended her streak of top-10 finishes to 12 straight tournaments.

The Wildcat had a chance to sit down with Erica after she slid past this young reporter 1-up at the McKale Center putting green to see what she thought about baseball, boys and teenage golfing sensation Michelle Wei.

Wildcat: Is golf your favorite sport to watch on TV?

Blasberg: No, I hate golf on TV. I like to watch baseball during the World Series, but no other time.

Wildcat: Who are you rooting for this year?

Blasberg: Well, the Angels used to be my favorite team last year, but I went to an Angel game this summer and it was totally not fun, so I'll go for the Cubs because I have a friend that really likes the Cubs and kind of got me to like them.

Wildcat: You should go to Old Chicago to watch those games.

Blasberg: I love Old Chicago; it's like my favorite place.

Wildcat: What do you like most about Tucson?

Blasberg: I don't know if there's too much to like about Tucson except the weather during the winter, because you can go out in shorts and a T-shirt.

Wildcat: What is the most reliable part of your game?

Blasberg: My driver.

Wildcat: Most unreliable?

Blasberg: Sand game.

Wildcat: Who is the cutest athlete?

Blasberg: (Laughs) Ohhh, Chris Frey, baseball.

Wildcat: Would you consider dating another athlete at this school?

Blasberg: Possibly.

Wildcat: Your dream golfing foursome?

Blasberg: Sergio Garcia I talked to him on the phone the other day. Lorena Ochoa, and who is a cute actor I guess Annika Sorenstam.

Wildcat: Can you beat (head coach) Greg Allen?

Blasberg: Yeah.

Wildcat: Is he terrible?

Blasberg: He's not terrible, but he needs some lessons sometimes from the girls.

Wildcat: What feels better: holing a 40-footer for eagle or making an "A" in a tough class?

Blasberg: Oh, 40-footer for sure. School sucks.

Wildcat: Do you think if you continue your collegiate success, you'll be a junior at the UA, or will you turn pro?

Blasberg: Probably go pro.

Wildcat: Who is the coolest guy on the men's golf team?

Blasberg: Blaine Peffley. He's one of my good friends.

Wildcat: Do you envision yourself as the best in the NCAA right now?

Blasberg: Top three, with Elizabeth Janangelo (of Duke) and Carolina Llano (of Pepperdine).

Wildcat: What golfer in the nation would you most like to hit with a 4-iron?

Blasberg: Can I say this stuff? Um, I'm not that kind of person. I don't think I hate anybody.

Wildcat: What do you think when people say Annika, Lorena and Erica?

Blasberg: I have a lot to prove until I'm put next to those two names. Annika is great, Lorena is going to be great and I'm just kind of working myself up the ladder.

Wildcat: Would coach get mad if he saw you partying?

Blasberg: Yeah. We joke around with him about how we go out every weekend. He is always just like, "Make sure you get all your work done."

Wildcat: Do you consider coach as a sort of father figure?

Blasberg: Yeah. He's a little less than a father figure but more than just a friend. He's in between; he gets on us about things, but can be cool with us.

Wildcat: Ok, word association, since you did so well at this last year (The Wildcat named Blasberg Athlete of the week on Oct. 23, 2002)

Blasberg: Oh, no.

Wildcat: Michelle Wei.

Blasberg: Hits the ball a million yards.

Wildcat: Von Dutch hats.

Blasberg: Wanted one about a month ago.

Wildcat: Daily Wildcat reporters.

Blasberg: The coolest guys in the world!

Wildcat: Do you think Duke can be beat?

Blasberg: Duke can be beat. They have been beat, but it will be a tough challenge for all the teams.

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