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Primary Election Guide

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday March 3, 2003

Meet the candidates running for contested student government offices

Vote online today & tomorrow: ASUA.ARIZONA.EDU


J.P. Benedict
Business administration and marketing senior

Benedict, vice president of Sigma Chi fraternity, currently serves as director of the Freshman Class Council, which he co-founded with Melanie Rainer last year.

If elected, Benedict hopes to increase school spirit by instating a student liaison between ASUA and the athletics department. The student will be responsible for organizing events such as tailgate parties and student roadtrips.

In addition, Benedict plans to reinstate the UA Collaboration Board, which includes representatives from various campus organizations working together for the student body.

" That's my thing, working with people, talking," Benedict said.

Compiled by Rebekah Kleinman


Talianna Kattan
Administrative VP
Pre-business sophomore

Kattan said she will focus primarily on extending the hours, days, and availability of SafeRide, partially through corporate sponsorship and partially through a $1 student fee.

She added that, if financially feasible, she would not cut any ASUA programs.

"I think everything is beneficial to the students; they do help," she said.

If elected, Kattan said she wants to be the "liason between students and the administrative body."

She said she also supports ASA's tuition increase proposal because she does not think some students should pay more so others can go to school.

Kattan served as the 2002 Elections Commissioner and helped to establish the online voting process.

Compiled by Kristina Dunham


Jered mansell
Political science and economics senior

Administrative Vice-President Mansell said that the current administration has made too many decisions behind closed doors.

Mansell said he wants to keep the student body informed with an "open-door policy." He proposed publishing a weekly letter in the Wildcat to let the student body in on ASUA affairs.

As administrative vice president, Mansell said he has worked to start the SafeRide express shuttle that, once it begins this month, will transport students across campus from 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. Mansell said he also worked with Travis Pritchett to increase and improve lighting across campus.

Mansell said that his experience as a residence hall assistant for three years proves his willingness to communicate and ability to help students.

Compiled by Kristina Dunham


Victoria Ruan
Administrative VP
Political science sophomore

Ruan, a current ASUA senator, says that if elected her first priority would be to increase funding for SafeRide, which would allow for the purchasing of more vehicles.

Ruan also hopes to increase diversity awareness and appreciation on campus by working with student

leaders of multicultural clubs and organizations and the Minority Action Council to provide unity among the many groups on campus.

Ruan would like to increase freshmen retention rates by revitalizing programs such as Bear Down Camp and the Freshman Class Council.

This year Ruan has worked with her fellow senators to develop a Safety Advisory Committee to address issues of safety around campus.

Ruan believes that ASUA can reach its full potential through the collaboration of and increased communication with the many programs and student organizations on campus.

Compiled by Aaron Mackey


Travis Pritchett
Business junior

Pritchett wants to bring more concerts to the UA Mall by improving relations between ASUA and the University Activities Board.

He said he supports Doug Hartz's proposed fall break. If elected, he said he wants to build an amicable relationship between UAB and ASUA.

As a senator, Prichett said he has worked to create the Student Safety Advisory Committee and led the Campus Safety and Lighting Initiative, which raised $23,000 for the improvement of outdoor lighting on campus. Pritchett has also been involved with the Arizona Blue Chip Leadership Program, Gamma Sigma Alpha Honorary, and was one of 13 founders of Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity.

Compiled by Kristina Dunham


Dan Suh
Administrative VP
Finance and biochemistry sophomore

Suh said his primary goal is to cut costs and improve the efficiency of programs and services by creating collaborative projects and streamlining marketing efforts. He aims to "guide" directors and hold bi-monthly senate forums to discuss collaboration. "I think I can help that process by giving them goals and deadlines."

As a senator, Suh said he has followed up on his campaign promises by organizing a food delivery and freshman question-and-answer services. He said his experience and practicality will help him if elected.

"I'm really concrete in my ideas," Suh said. "I'm a really practical person."

Suh is co-president of Sophos Honorary, Beta Theta Phi alumni relations chair, actively involved in Muracles and former Primus Honorary vice-president.

Compiled by Kristina Dunham

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