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Police Beat

By Arek Sarkissian II
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday March 10, 2003

An underage UA student and three other teens were arrested Tuesday night for drinking, after one of them asked a resident assistant where he could find some "chronic."

The RA called police to Corleone Apartments, 1330 N. Park Ave., after one of the men came to her door asking for "alcohol or chronic." After the RA told the man to leave the property immediately, he went to another door to ask the same question and entered the apartment, reports stated.

The RA followed the man into the apartment, in which bottles of alcohol were visible. The RA told the men and student to dump out the alcohol before police arrived, reports stated.

The student who lived in the apartment told police that everyone in her apartment was drinking, and that one of the men was her boyfriend from Phoenix, reports stated.

Another man, also a Phoenix resident, told police that he drank about four beers and was planning on going home prior to their arrival, reports stated.

The other man told police that he had also been drinking, and then he began to pass out, reports stated.

Police called paramedics to examine him, and after examining him, they said he should be kept under the close supervision of a friend, reports stated.

Everyone in the apartment was cited on charges of being a minor in possession and underage drinking. Police also found empty Bacardi and Corona bottles in the trash, reports stated.

An employee in the general petition office called police Tuesday after a student petitioning to change some failing grades called, threatening to kill himself, reports stated.

The student called the general petition office to see whether a petition package that he filed had been approved. When the employee told the student that the results had not come back yet, the student began to make threats on his own life, reports stated.

The student told the employee that he submitted the petition to change some failing grades to incompletes. He said he needed them to attain his bachelor's degree.

The student demanded to speak to the committee chairman, but the chairman was not in the office, so the student was advised to call back in more than an hour, reports stated.

The student then began to explain the hardships he and his family had been facing because of the matter when the conversation became tense, reports stated.

The student became agitated when the employee told him the office had not received two letters of approval from his professors that would complete his petition packet. The student then told the employee that he was going to kill himself. The employee then hung up, and called police, reports stated.

The petition chairman called the student's home in Madison, Wis., to tell him that he would personally contact the instructors to get their approval, reports stated. He told the student that he would also re-submit the petition packet. That conversation ended politely, reports stated.

Police advised the employee to contact them if he received any more threatening phone calls.

A student reported her $250 diamond ring stolen on Tuesday.

The student invited two friends over to an address on the 1800 block of East Speedway Boulevard on Feb. 28, and they invited two friends that she didn't know, reports stated.

The student's roommate was also at the residence, but she told police she has not seen the ring, reports stated.

The student told police her insurance company instructed her to file a report.

She also told police that the ring might have been accidentally knocked off the table into the trash by one of the four visitors, reports stated. She told police all four males were drinking at the time.

Police have no suspects.

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