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Police Beat

By Arek Sarkissian II
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Tuesday April 8, 2003

UAPD officers joined the Tucson Police Department in a hunt for a man who threatened a clerk at a campus-area eatery Sunday, reports stated.

The man, who witnesses said was wearing a blue shirt, black pants and a black jacket, pulled a knife on a sandwich artist at Subway, 914 E. Speedway Blvd., after the employee asked him to leave. The man had been last seen in the parking lot south of the restaurant, reports stated.

UAPD officers searched the area and found a man who fit the description at East First Street and North Tyndall Avenue, reports stated.

An officer positioned his patrol car so that the man was in front of the car. The officer then withdrew his gun but kept it at his leg in case the suspect was armed, reports stated.

The man told police he was a UA professor and that he was at another location when the incident occurred.

Tucson police officers conducted a drive-by line-up with the victim in a patrol car. He told police that the detained man was not the suspect, reports stated.

The man, who was detained by police for 10 minutes, was unhandcuffed and released, reports stated.

Someone called police Sunday to have them check on a student who appeared distraught, reports stated.

Officer arrived at the scene, where they found a female student who had apparently been crying. She was also without shoes, reports stated.

The student told police something had happened earlier at her friend's apartment, but she did not want to go into details. The student said she only wanted a ride to her residence hall on the south side of campus, reports stated.

Officers took the student to her hall and advised her to contact them if she wanted to follow upon the incident, reports stated.

Officers had a car towed from the spot where it was parked on campus Saturday night after a student called because the vehicle's alarm would not turn off, reports stated.

The student told police the alarm on the 2000 Honda Civic was reportedly going off for hours while it was parked at 880 E. Fourth St. The student, who lived in a nearby residence hall, called police because she could hear the sound from her room, reports stated.

Officers arrived on the scene, where they waited for about 30 minutes for the tow truck to arrive. The alarm sounded for the entire time, reports stated.

The car was taken to a Tucson impound lot.

A Tucson man was arrested Saturday afternoon after he wouldn't obey an officer's commands.

About eight to 10 males were riding BMX-style bikes along East Second Street. They were riding on the curb, jumping off the curb and nearly hit several pedestrians, reports stated.

An officer who saw the riders asked the group to stop and all rode off except for one, who asked police, "Do you mean me?" reports stated.

The officer told the man again to stop, but he kept riding. Police continued to tell him to stop as he rode up North Park Avenue on the sidewalk, which is illegal, reports stated.

The man then ran the traffic stop, which is also illegal, and continued westbound on East University Boulevard. The officer was finally able to safely stop the man with his patrol car at the intersection at North Tyndall Avenue, reports stated.

The man refused to tell police why he didn't stop, and he would not tell the officer where the other riders went. He told police, "Just give me my ticket, so I can go home," reports stated.

The officer called for backup and cited the man on charges of failing to comply with an officer's orders, riding on the sidewalk, running a stop sign, and failing to stop for an officer, reports stated.

The man was taken to Pima County Jail, where he was released to Pre-Trial Services.

His bike was taken to evidence for safekeeping.

A guitar valued at $269 was stolen from a campus building, Saturday, reports stated.

Officers met with the guitar's owner at the Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd. He told them the instrument was stolen from a locker room in the Bear Down Gym, 1428 E. University Boulevard.

The man locked the guitar in a locker around 9 a.m., and when he came back at 1:30 p.m., the guitar was gone, reports stated. The man told police he locked the locker, but it was undone when he returned.

Neither the lock nor the locker looked as if they had been tampered with, and no suspects have been identified, reports stated.

The man told police he would call the music store where he bought the guitar to get the serial number.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at www.uapd.arizona.edu.

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