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UA News
Police arrest man on charge of harassment

By Devin Simmons
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Friday September 27, 2002

A student who police suspect has a history of sexually harassing women at the UA and Pima Community College's East campus was arrested by Pima College police Tuesday.

Traver Brawley, 23, a Pima student, had been arrested earlier in the day by University of Arizona police on three counts each of harassment and assault.

Three UA students complained to UAPD Tuesday evening that Brawley was making unwanted sexual advances ¸ which included physical contact ¸ at the Student Union Memorial Center.

UAPD officers responding to the call recognized Brawley from prior incidents of harassment around campus. Pima College police arrested Brawley later that night after UAPD informed the department that they were holding Brawley at the UAPD station.

Last week, Brawley was seen at the east side of the student union. He wore blue medical scrubs with a red stain and went up to women who were alone, asking their names and touching them, reports stated.

In one instance, he approached a girl talking on her cell phone and kissed her hand and touched her thigh. The victim said she could see there was something "wrong with him" and she was afraid to say anything that might upset him, reports stated. The victims from that day decided not to press charges and, since Brawley had no warrants, he was allowed to leave campus.

A witness to the Sept. 17 incident told police that she had seen Brawley four days earlier near the Old Main fountain, approaching females and grabbing their hands. The witness said that one female looked so uncomfortable that the witness had to intervene and lead the female away from him.

Pima Community College police had been looking for a suspect named "Zack" for an incident of sexual abuse that occurred on Pima's east campus on Sept. 19.

Brawley had touched a woman's breast and was charged with one count of sexual abuse, said Detective Manny Amado of the Pima College Police Department.

Amado says that Brawley has been a problem on Pima's campus for some time now.

"He goes up to women and tells them that he is a personal trainer, which he is not. He makes comments on their build, and gets closer and closer, relying on his "expertise" in the field of personal training. Then he asks if he can feel them, their muscles," he said.

Pima Community College officers booked Brawley and took him to Pima County Jail. He has since posted bail and his court date is set for Oct. 16. Brawley is described as having a receding hairline and glasses. He walks with a limp and has a disabled left hand.

Cmdr. Brian Seastone of UAPD, was not certain what restrictions the court has put on Brawley since his release, but said that UAPD will be watching for him.

"We now know who he is, and we will be looking for him," he said.


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