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2 slain profs feared Flores

Robert S. Flores Jr.
By Nate Buchik
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Wednesday October 30, 2002

At least two of the three professors murdered Monday expressed concern about Robert Stewart Flores Jr.'s "anger," one as recently as Saturday night, according to several sources.

Assistant professor Robin Rogers, Flores' first victim, told friends and family she had fears about Flores when he failed her class last semester.

Rogers reportedly voiced her concerns at a church service at Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church last Saturday night, according to nursing professor Joann Glittenberg.

Rogers asked that church members pray for her to be protected from Flores, Glittenberg said.

Roger's husband, Phillip, recalled that she had anxiety about Flores during the term.

"She had him last semester and she expressed concerns then," Phillip Rogers said. "And this year, when he failed the critical care course, she had concerns · She was concerned that he might act out in some way; but she didn't have any fear or premonition that he would do something this drastic."

Another victim, clinical associate professor Cheryl McGaffic, also feared Flores and was concerned about his well being and her own.

A family spokeswoman for the McGaffics said she had told her husband that she was scared of Flores.

"(McGaffic) had expressed fear to her husband within the

last six months. She said he was arrogant and intimidating and often made rude

interruptions during class. And how angry he was is what made her afraid," said Linda Maerz, who was speaking on behalf of Walter McGaffic, husband of Cheryl McGaffic and a public health master's student at UA.

Although many of McGaffic's acquaintances were aware of her concern, it is not clear whether or not she took any action.

"(McGaffic) was particularly concerned about Robert. (All three victims) were, and had tried to help him at some point · How public they made their concerns, I don't know," Glittenberg said.

However, two professors from the College of Nursing filed a report to the University of Arizona Police Department concerning Flores in April 2001.

Melissa Goldsmith, a clinical instructor in nursing, and Pamela Reed, an associate dean of academic affairs in the college, filed the report.

The report stated that Flores had thought about "ending it all" and may try to "put something under the college."

UAPD attempted to call Flores about the report at the time, but could not reach him. Police did not follow up on the report because Reed said she would monitor Flores and report further incidents, the report stated.

"We review all reports. Some people don't want to do anything. They just document it," said UAPD Cmdr. Brian Seastone. The professors just wanted the case on record and said they would continue monitoring Flores, he said.

UAPD also consulted with the dean of students after the report was filed.

While some neighbors described Flores as pleasant, some students felt he was "strange" and recalled that he bragged about having a concealed weapons permit.

New information may reveal that Monday's murders and suicide were premeditated far in advance.

Flores mailed the Arizona Daily Star a 22-page suicide letter, which was received yesterday, KVOA Channel 4 reported last night. The beginning of the letter read "Greetings from the dead."

The family of Barbara Monroe, the third victim, could not be reached for comment.


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