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photo Oh, Rocky!

The Tucson Rocky Horror Picture show subculture lures virgins to healthy Heavy Petting fun

Step into platform shoes, slip into fishnet stockings and clip on your garter belt! That's what one local Tucson man's been doing every week for nearly 20 years. He's not the only one, though. For members of the Heavy Petting cast of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," every week is Halloween. [Read article]

photo Tequiza and accents: Meet the Zsa Zsas

Foreigners have been immigrating to the United States for centuries with the hopes of building a brighter future. Their journey usually begins by acquiring low-level income jobs that many American citizens do not want, such as landscaping, picking crops and performing cover songs. [Read article]

photo ĪSouls' parade down Tucson streets

As you awaken from your candy-induced coma on Nov. 2, a myriad of things run through your mind. How many mini-Snickers did I eat? Why did I insist on wearing that Spiderman costume? And who was that ghost I was making out with?

The most important question to ask yourself, however, is, "What am I going to do today?" Never fear, your social calendar doesn't have to have an empty space. The 14th- annual All Souls' Procession will fill that space with enough excitement to last you until Thanksgiving. Plus, you can dress up again without people thinking you are a freak. [Read article]

photo Beyond the realm of expectance

Huge spiders lying still on the floor, seemingly waiting for the right moment to attack your fleshy ankles · dark hallways leading you into ancient Egypt, monstrously adorned laboratories, and into the hellish beyond · a friend screaming bloody murder in your ear as a vampire slowly creeps after you with a stake ·

You may think that you are in another dimension, another universe, another world, but this is a night like any other deep inside the Adams Street Haunted House. [Read article]

photo Forget slasher flicks, give me gore!

A stab in the chest? Yawn. A cut-out tongue? Boring. If good old-fashioned horror movies have you leaving to go get popcorn halfway through, perhaps you should try out these gore-filled classics.

Funny and campy, or horrifying and gravely serious, splatter movies don't have to be scary all the time. They just have to be gross. And you'll probably think twice before grabbing something to eat while you're watching. [Read article]

photo Serial: It's not just for breakfast

Disclaimer: The contents of this story are fictional but are based on actual events that occurred in Tucson during the early 1960's.

There are a lot of places in the desert to bury a body. Every major street, no matter how busy during weekdays or rush hour, eventually turns to windswept dust and becomes a ghost road where no one passes by. They offer easy access to the desert: Go 40 on Speedway in either direction, especially at night when you can make all green lights. The trip may only take 10 minutes from campus. Since they are main roads, nobody finds it peculiar that you are driving on them late at night, and even cops do not take notice if you follow the road to its end. However, Charles Schmid knew all of this. He knew that the roads of Tucson were all dead ends. [Read article]

photo Cinema Showdown: Horror movie fest

Utz: Yeah, so for this fun, orange little Halloween section, our editor Adam made us rent old horror films to talk about.

Betancourt: So we go to Casa Video and ask the kid in the green vest what are some good ones, and he keeps pulling tapes out of this sea of illustrated plastic covers depicting bloody, half-naked women with shadowy figures standing over them and saying, "This one's decent," which is, as we keep reminding him, not what we asked for. [Read article]

Urban legends: Are they truth or fiction?

Urban legends have been around for centuries. They are embedded in our culture and have even been turned into cheesy teen horror flicks. But is there any truth to the matter?

The following stories are accounts based on true events, myth, legend or folklore that has been told for generations. [Read article]


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