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photo Centers address minority retention

When Krystalyn Kinsel's scholarship money did not arrive on time, the Native American Student Affairs center gave the political science freshman and member of the Navajo tribe an emergency loan to purchase her books.

Many students need loans like this to make it through the school year, said Monica Nuvamsa, senior coordinator of Native American Student Affairs.

Like other multicultural student affairs centers, Native American Student Affairs strives to guide and assist its students, ultimately seeing them through to graduation, Nuvamsa said. [Read article]

Faculty respond to policy

College of Nursing professors believe guidelines are just a start

Wednesday's introduction of two new policies on threatening and disruptive behavior in the classroom received mixed responses from faculty members.

They agreed that, although the policies are necessary, the university still needs a more interactive approach to fixing the problem.

Both policies were designed to give faculty a step-by-step method of handling students who pose a threat to their safety or are disrupting instruction, as opposed to the old method, which was scattered among 26 different parts of the Student Code of Conduct. [Read article]

photo Regents talk cuts to crowd

Program cuts have hit home for Marc Paley twice in two years. When he finished his general education courses at Pima Community College, he transferred to the UA hoping to enroll at the Arizona International College.

But before he could, regents closed it.

In November 2001, regents decided to eliminate the college to fight state budget cuts, so Paley, a sophomore, decided to pursue an interdisciplinary studies major. [Read article]

photo Health plan for students

When Elizabeth Haim left home in the fall, she wasn't only concerned about adapting to college life; she was worried about what she would do if she got sick.

Haim, a psychology freshman, didn't have a car, and wasn't covered under her parents' health insurance plan. But through the Arizona Board of Regents' Student Health Plan her parents bought for her, Haim's worries were eased.

For $88.50 per month, the regents' health plan provides many of the same amenities found in other comprehensive insurance plans. [Read article]

On the Spot

Phoenician new in town, has a pierced tongue, gets lost on campus after donating plasma

WILDCAT: So what are you doing wandering around campus so late at night?

MCDEBITT: Well I just got back from donating plasma and now I'm trying to get back home but I'm lost.

WILDCAT: You're lost? Have you not been to your home often?

MCDEBITT: I just moved out here like a week and a half ago so I don't know where anything is. [Read article]



· Faculty Small Grants Writing Workshop, 9:30 a.m. - 11 a.m., Swede Johnson Building, Room 205 (1111 N. Cherry Avenue)
· Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Workshop 3 p.m. - 5 p.m., University Services Building, Room 207

· Entomology Seminar 4 p.m. - 5 p.m., Marley Building, Room 230

· Pruning and Training Fruit Trees (Apples, Peach, Plum, Apricot) 2 p.m., Marana Planning Services Center, 3696 W. Orange Grove

· Optical Sciences Center Colloquium, 3:45 p.m., Meinel Optical Sciences Center, Room 410
· Benjamin Burrows Lung Immunology Seminar Series 4:30 p.m., Arizona Health Science Center Burbank Conference Room, Room 2343

· Una Platica/A Talk with Miguel Juarez 5:30 p.m., Center for Creative Photography

Panel Discussion
· Poetry Center Panel Discussion Featuring Mexican Poet/Activist Homero Aridjis, 7 p.m. Integrated Learning Center, Room 130

Film Screening
· "Sociology is a Martial Art" 7 p.m., Integrated Learning Center, Room 140

· Women's basketball 7 p.m., McKale Center


Collegiate Cocktail

Hung up
University of Maryland

The Diamondback - University of Maryland campus residents said they have received repeated calls in recent weeks from telemarketers offering everything from credit cards and magazine subscriptions to cash and vacation giveaways.

Although Resident Life policy prohibits such solicitations, the office cannot immediately solve the growing problem, in part because residents are not reporting the calls.

Gas station protest
Middle Tennessee State University

Sidelines - Demonstrators gathered Tuesday amid a chorus of sympathetic car horns to protest the pending war in Iraq.

Believing the motivation for war comes from a U.S. dependency on oil, participants lined the sidewalks of the Greenland Drive Shell station in Murfreesboro, Tenn. and waved signs for the people driving by.

"This is part of an international day of protest," said student event organizer Shannon Vick.

Smoking debate
Harvard University

Harvard Crimson - This month, city leaders will decide the fate of smoky bar rooms in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Cambridge's nine city councilors will likely vote this month on an ordinance banning smoking in all restaurants and bars, legislation which has been hotly debated in public hearings since last spring.

The ban would go into effect in May 2003. Currently, four councilors have expressed their support, leaving the ordinance one vote shy of passing.


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