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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Q&A with UA president Peter Likins


Upon entering the University of Arizona, freshmen will be assailed with advice ranging from "work hard" to "don't take the east elevator in Koffler because it smells funny."

However, the best advice may come from a man who has been in the university system for more than 50 years: UA president Peter Likins.

Prior to coming to the UA, Likins served as president of Lehigh University, provost of Columbia University, a professor at UCLA and a development engineer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. He received a bachelor's degree in civil engineering at Stanford, a master's degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctoral degree at Stanford. [Read article]

· University update
· New ASUA president hopes to improve student life
· Financial aid available for all UA students
· Advising, tutoring keep students on graduation track
· Stay on UAPD's good side: Just say no on campus
· Get your greek on
· Student union provides food, entertainment and services
· Drinking 101:the other gen-ed
· Getting to and around campus, without a car
· Counseling, birth control available at Campus Health

The A-Z of Wildcat athletics


A: ASU - Is any explanation really necessary here? The "other" state university, known originally as the Tempe Normal School, has nothing on Arizona's first university. ASU's satanic descendants failed to pick up a win last year in any of the big rivalry matchups. Football? UA. Basketball? UA twice. Softball? UA three times. Baseball was the lone Wildcat "disappointment," winning only four of five meetings. Too bad.

B: Bear Down, Arizona ... Bear Down, red and blue ... Bear Down, Arizona, hit 'em hard, let 'em know who's who ... Bear Down, Arizona ... Bear Down, red and blue ... fight, fight, Wildcats fight ... Arizona, Bear Down! [Read article]

· Commentary: A-S-who? Devils no match for UA in '05
· Students get new home in McKale
· UA traditions
· Commentary: UA sports and you: a beautiful relationship
· In Person And On The Tube...

Is college all about the degree?


This is a column about screaming your lungs out as UA football destroys ASU, jumping into the Old Main fountain mid-afternoon because it's hot in August (and September and October and November), rocking McKale as Salim sinks another NBA-range three, getting the chills when the marching band plays "Bear Down, Arizona," watching UA softball coach Mike Candrea lead the U.S. Olympic team to the gold, tailgating our hearts out for Homecoming and relaxing in Mexico for Spring Break. [Read article]

· Going greek: Rush? Yes. Pledge? Maybe
· Who's who in the red and blue

Latest Issue: July 27, 2005


A guide to living large and loving life with a bite-sized bankroll

For most students, going to college is about more than earning a degree. It's the first step toward total independence, in every sense of the word. As awesome as it is not to have to tell your parents who you are with, where you are going and when you will be home, it can be just as scary when you are faced with paying your own way through life. Following a budget is not taught in most classrooms, but it is something that you will be tested on almost every day of your newly independent life. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure that you won't miss out on all that college has to offer, regardless of the size of your bank account. [Read article]

Places to Hang Out
University - the UA's favorite boulevard
No fake ID required: Fun for the under-21
Local bands that make the grade
Tucson concerts to look forward to
Cheap ear candy
A quick-and-dirty guide to Tucson cinema
The Rialto reopens!
Guide to local and independent bookstores
Literary events to watch for
Religious centers offer spiritual, social opportunities
Mexican food abounds in Tucson
Landing a late-night food fix
For Parents
Everything parents need to know

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