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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
photo Likins restores Dec. commencement

Ceremony returns after agreement to improve behavior of students

President Peter Likins announced the restoration of the December university-wide commencement ceremony yesterday, after reaching an agreement with student body president Alistair Chapman.

But as a condition for restoring the university-wide commencement, Likins said he expects a change in behavior at the ceremony.

While administration officials said the elimination of the university-wide commencement was intended to create a more intimate commencement ceremony, they admitted that disruptive behavior was also a factor. [Read article]

photo Wall sparks controversy, conversation

Reactions to the Writing on the Wall Project on the Mall have been as varied as the bricks that support it.

With reactions ranging from sad to angry to understanding, volunteers say UA students have been very responsive to the wall and its goals.

"A lot of people think it's interesting and eye-opening," said Valencia Patterson, a pre-business junior and student volunteer at the wall. "Mostly what I've gotten are stares." [Read article]

Likins defends university's rating

President Peter Likins said a recent report that gave the UA a failing grade in affordability was based on old data and the UA has made strides in the last few years to improve financial aid to its students.

The report by The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education gave Arizona's higher education system a grade of F on affordability in its biennial report card. The report was released Sept. 15. [Read article]

Financial aid scam targeting students

Callers try to trick students by telling them they received large government grants

Students are always looking for help when it comes to tuition and other school costs, but police warn students to be wary of scams that could end up costing them money.

Four Tucson students have reported a scam to police in which a person calls students to say they have received a grant and then asks for personal financial information. [Read article]

Nine sororities compete in greek olympics to help out charities

Today begins the "War of Roses," in which nine campus sororities will compete in a greek Olympics-style competition to raise money for a charity and raise disability awareness.

Pi Kappa Phi fraternity organized the week of events that will feature, among other events, a scaffold on the Mall manned from noon today until noon Thursday, said Ian Sambor, president of the fraternity.

For the full 48 hours that the scaffold is up, some of Pi Kappa Phi's 120 members will be sitting on the scaffold at all times. The men will collect donations, and each of the participating sororities will also have an hour or more to stand on the scaffolding and raise as much money as possible. [Read article]

Forum lets UA students meet Ariz. candidates

Students are invited to meet Arizona state Legislature and U.S. Congress candidates seeking election at a forum tonight sponsored by Hillel, the College Republicans and the Young Democrats.

At least five candidates will speak about what they will do for students and the UA if elected to local offices, said Jeremy Tor, a political science and Spanish senior who organized the event.

Tor said it's common for young people to be "blinded by the presidential election" and neglect to inform themselves about local elections. [Read article]

photo Fast facts

Things you always never wanted to know

  • During the early 1920s, at the height of inflation in the German Weimar Republic, one American dollar was equal to 4 trillion German marks.

  • Every year, 3 million Americans become cigarette smokers.

  • Smokers suffer 65 percent more colds and 167 percent more nose and throat irritations, and have a 300 percent greater incidence of chronic coughs than nonsmokers. [Read article]

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